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One way backlinks is one of the finest and best methods to get free web site traffic in high positions in search engines and milk these positions for centered traffic. But to get more web site traffic is a gigantic job.

Free Traffic System is a new project that helps to increase site traffic free for you and get high quality one way links at no cost – unlimited number of one way links, because you build as many as you need. Moreover, Free Traffic System has integrated a brand spanking new idea of viral selling, helping to improve web site traffic for you and giving perks to its members with bonus one way links.

Before getting to the viral part of the project, it’s vital to explain where precisely you are getting these backlinks. The backlinks are built inside real blog posts, not in the footer or blogroll – in the very body of the genuine, unique blog post. This is the most safe way to build one way links, because you give real unique content to the visitors in the blog articles and search engines will always welcome it – search engines were made to help folk in finding quality information in the Net.

You get backlinks from important sites that belong to real folk in different niches. Natural, safe and smart way to increase backlinks at no cost. You submit one article to Free Traffic System and it converts into up to sixty high spec one way backlinks! And – unlike conventional article promoting – no one will remove your backlinks from the article, like they do when stealing your content from article directories.

The viral part of Free Traffic System is straightforward – they reward folk for bringing others into this free project. You are getting a BONUS backlink on each 3rd post that folk whom you referred to Free Traffic System are making. This implies you get bonus backlink on article no 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, sixteen, etc . Of all folks who got into the system thru the associate link.

As every article can be republished on up to thirty sites in Free Traffic System, this suggests that one article with your bonus link equals to thirty free backlinks from Free Traffic System. Two articles = sixty bonus backlinks, three articles = ninety bonus backlinks. And this is in addition to the unlimited backlinks that you can build inside Free Traffic System yourself.

And the final advantage of the viral strategy. If you add 1 WordPress blog to Free Traffic System, they right away increase the number of bonus backlinks by 7%.

So, in Free Traffic System you get :

– free backlinks that you stock up on yourself
– viral bonus backlinks for associating folk into the project
– viral bonus backlinks for adding your blog ( s ) to Free Traffic System

With this free backlink building power centered traffic from search engines becomes simply a matter of time.

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