Lessons from Abraham Lincoln

Or… What Abraham Lincoln can teach you about failure.

Struggling online?

Is your road to success too bumpy?

Are you having not enough drive and patience to get your online business rolling?

I assume that’s the reason why lots of people are frustrated with their lack of success.

They give up after building their business online for 3, 6, 12 months or more. Quitting due to setbacks of their life dream to get a higher income and lifestyle.

Result: frustration and no money.

Yet you can learn a lot from the curriculum vitae of Abraham Lincoln who has seen countless setbacks in his life but never gave up. And today he is considered one of the greatest U.S presidents of all time.

Here are just the main steps he suffered setbacks:

…Abraham Lincoln grew up poor in a log cabin in Kentucky.

…His mother died when he was 9…

…He had a failed business at age 21…

…He lost congressional races…

…His partner died when he was 26…

…He had a nervous breakdown…

…He was denied a senate seat, twice…

…He failed to become the vice president…

The list is even much longer….

…And then, in 1860, he became the 16th President of the United States.

Did he fail?

YES – Many times!

Did he give up!

I don’t think so.

Abraham Lincoln shows us that determination is more important than skills or talent. His strong belief to succeed  was the fuel to drive him forward, doing what he found right and convince people until he became President.

Would you act the same way if you knew in advance that you can have success in what you do?

Just assume that all your dreams and wishes shall become true if you to the ONE single thing to do: Take ACTION.

And if you resist the inner devil, stick to your plan, be patient and consistent, success will be inevitable!

Think of Lincoln who never gave up when you feel bad and are struggling to make steady progress on your
business. Remember that setbacks and deviations on the road to success are just part of the game.

Be determined and reach the top!

Smile when you get up in the morning, there are only positive days.

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Be proactive, take ACTION and get your $1 entrance and follow the steps your Coach will guide you through.

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