Listening Techniques for Success

Today’s Daily Shorcut show by William Wood is dedicated to your success — helping you deepen your understanding of several powerful techniques to become a better listener.


And listening opens the doorway to your personal and professional influence.

It only takes one idea to totally change someone’s life… and all YOU have to do is share the link!

And there are 3 important listening techniques, watch: eyes, mouth, hands of the other person you are talking to.

The first thing that happens typically if somebody has something to say and you’re not giving them space to say it is their lip will get tight and their eyes will get squinty. The next thing that will happen is that their hand will go up towards their mouth , it might be on their chin or it might be on the forehead.

You need to “check in” with the person you are talking to. How this works see in the Video here…

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