Lost Internet Connection…

Uff, more than 4 hours of trying, checking and my nerves at the end! Yesterday evening, I shut down my PC as usual, nothing extraordinary. It was even late because I was working on a website and other material I wanted to upload soon. This afternoon, opening my browser, nothing happened – No connection! Ok, after the 4 hours it was fixed. But what is the lesson to learn?

First, always make sure to secure your work and programs to an outside device at least once a week. I use a seperate 16 GB hard drive which I only connect for the saving process. Further, I have two 8 GB USB-Sticks to which I double safe all my day to day work. With these two sticks, I am able to always connect to my business files, wherever I am. They syncronize automatically when connected to my PC again.

Second, my computer is set to safe Reset Marking Points frequently. It is a standard from Microsoft and it allows to set up the computer for every back date you decide. But how do you find this restoring function? I try to give the best path description (my program is in German):

Start – Help & Support – At the Help Center under “Other Resources & Informations” – Click “System Restorement” (or similar, you will see) – The Wizard openes, follow the instructions – You are done.

You will not lose any data, its all safe. Be aware, that you probably will need to switch off all firewalls for the modem to set up properly and to ping your provider. After you are online again, please IMMEDIATELY set all firewall and security measures back to swiched on. If you are not sure, see indept information within the help program or ask for help at the hotline of your provider.

Having done all these steps, my computer should have worked perfectly as usual, beeing set back the earlier date and the internet connection should have been set to work again too. Nope, not this time. The modem could still not find the router or other items needed for the connection, even all drivers were installed and in place. Finally, there was only one possibility left: Do a total new installation of my ADSL and modem, using the special IP address which pings the provider through the USB channel of the modem. Off course the booklet, settings, ID and passwords from the earlier set up were needed. I was lucky that I had written down everything properly at the time.

After some trials, it finally worked and I got connected again. Working with the Internet, I have installed proper security measures and after checking everything throungh, there was no sign of a virus or  attack. So I cannot explain it but one should always be prepared for unexpected things to happen. Since they usually hit you at the worst possible moment, I suggest you keep the regular backups, the manuals and the restore CDs at reach any time. Hopefully you will not be hit in this way. Good luck.