Make More Affiliate Sales With Correct Preselling

How to Turn Traffic to Conversion and Sales

Do you know the exact Formula to make an online income, whetheryou’re selling your own product or someone else’s?

Here it is:

>>  A Good Offer + Traffic + Conversions = Sales  <<

The math is quite simple: Increase either Traffic or Conversionand your Sales will automatically increase
too!  Now  there are 3 Main Keys to this:

#1 A Good Offer
There are many great offers and products available on the internetmarket. I just give you three cool links as an example:

==> Program Hoppers

==> Free Turnkey Ready Made Resell Products

==> Over 100 of the hottest selling Resell- and PLR Products

So the ‘offers’ part of the equation is taken care of.

#2 Traffic
Next, you need to get traffic (= real searching people) to see your offer. But not all traffic is created equal. Only sending thousands of hits to your site doesn’t mean you get conversion and sales.

It depends on the source of traffic. The quality of traffic has a huge impact on your conversions. You must find people who are or would be interested in your offer to have a really good chance of converting it to sales.

Try to get best quality traffic by selecting the best possible keywords for SEO ranking, do a video, write good articles and spread viral free reports, participate in free giveaways and be active in several forums focussed to your niche. Just be creative and do it over and over again.

#3 Conversions
If the prospects you generate through your traffic like what you offer and decide to buy, conversion and sales will just grow.

Usually, your sales page does the main job to convince the visitor with good and profound arguments, converting them into sales.

But there is another effective way to accelerate sales: a really good “warm up” just before the prospect sees the sales letter! This is called “pre-selling”.

Pre-selling helps the prospect make up their mind before they see the actual offer at the pitch page. There was one affiliate marketer who made $20,581.92 from one product using his pre-selling techniques.  You can read more about his success here. Please consider to apply these techniques too!

Best success and please leave a comment on how you are doing your pre-selling.