Make your URLs short and thin like a Pin

Helpful Tip #8

If you are searching often for cool and converting Clickbank products from the Clickbank Marketplace, you probably noticed that you do not find quickly just the one product you are looking for, even if you typed in the right product name. Really by accident, I found a great free Website which offers a Clickbank Product Finder. 

Now you can search through ClickBank Marketplace, sort products in any way you want, then create short cloaked URL in a few clicks and start promoting it in your blog, ezine, mailing list, website or wherever you want! The Clickbank Product Finder produces results in just seconds and almost every time brings up exactly the Clickbank Product you were searching for by name. Go and try it – its free and really top!

For example, if somebody asks where to download some movie, I go to ClickBank Product Finder, type movie as a search term. In the Filters section I set commissions to “more than 60%”, then set earned per sale to “more than $15”, set sorting to “Earned Per Sale – Descending”, fill in my ClickBank nickname and click “Search” button.

PinURL creates a list of products that have “movie” in their name or description, offer 60% commissions, pay more than $15 per sale and this list is sorted. Choose suitable product, click “Make PinURL” button next to that product, make short link with some meaningful name like “movie downloads” and post it into your email marketing. That’s it!