Mass Article Control Ends July 29, 2009

Sorry but…

I am aware that you are probably bombarded with mails and bonus offers about this big launch of Mass Article Control. So please apologize me for also writing, however…

This night about 1 am, I bought MAC including the Upsell which lets me auto-submit my articles to 20 Directories instead of only 10 with the regular package. Since the launch I was reflecting, checking arguments, reading blog and forum posts. Actually I got even more confused than that I could find a clear yes or no argument to decide upon.

I then did a thorough read of the whole MAC Sales Letter and also tried to read between the lines…

There was nothing negative I could find but my insight grew with every part Adeel and Bobby have layed out. And since I am writing a lot (also like it…), my eBook almost finished and having a lot of plans to even write more articles and reports, my conclusion is: THIS is EXACTLY the TOOL to BOOST my BUSINESS (the writing reflects my insight that I need this tool).

I bought it!

And I am so excited as the product is well worth the price. It is easy to set up and use (still have to get more familiar with…). You get all the Videos plus additional instructions, plus an immense Bonus Collection which fits well to the Internet Marketing Niche, List Building and anything one needs to get a boost to his business.

Nothing more to say. This is probably one of the best deals I ever bought and that is why I wanted to tell you. If you are still in doubt, reconsider! Believe me, you will get back the small investment of $ 77 plus the upsell for the 20 Directories ($ 47) very fast through the explosion of your backlinks and free traffic to your business.

Thanks for reading me and please feel free to leave a comment.