Most Designers Would Agree They Have a Cool Job

What do you think of when you hear the word designers? Most people think of something along the lines of designer clothing, which is the name, signature or pattern of a particular designer incorporated into their clothing line. A couple of other descriptions or examples would be a web designer and production designer.

If you look up the word designers in the dictionary, then you are likely to see it defined as what you would call people who produce designs or something similar. Possibly, it relates to something like designer clothing, where a particular designer has their own signature, name or pattern on a clothing line. Of course, there are also other examples, like a production designer or web designer.

A designer can be involved in many different aspects of designing depending on their particular career choice. For example, an interior designer uses textures, colors and shapes to incorporate furniture and accessories for a home or office. A web designer uses images, text and color to design web sites that will catch the attention of viewers, which will hopefully result in sales and repeat business. There are many newer and more detailed design tutorials that are available through a technical teaching institution or even on the internet. Sometimes, companies that you are interested in working for will offer internship programs that will help you to get your foot in the door.

Did you know that the first video game was created in 1958? It was called “Tennis for Two” and was played on an oscilloscope. With the advancements made in graphics and technology, one of the most popular field choices for designers is the genre of a video games. With even more improvements and creations being made every day it is sure to remain a very popular choice in that field.

Aside from the mere enjoyment of designing video games, it is obviously quite a lucrative field as well. Annual video game sales in 2001 were $9.4 billion, in 2003 it was $11.2 billion, and in 2006 it was a whopping $22.1 billion. Many people who are involved in graphic design will branch off and become a game designer. Many colleges, including the internet based, secondary educational institutions, know that in this day and age where email, text messages, on-line chats and computer/video games dominate the younger generation, offering on-line courses is a smart move.

When you were younger, it is a good bet that when you and your friends played video games you all talked about becoming a game designer and creating some cool games. Although there are some great perks to this profession, like making your own hours, wearing whatever you want and creating new designs, there is also a great deal of hard work, involving long hours and no guarantee that your designs will be implemented. However, most designers feel that it is a small price to pay for having their “dream job” and being able to brag to their friends.

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Remember when you were a kid and someone in your group got a new video game? Everyone couldn’t wait to try it out and you were always competing to see who could get the highest score. You probably even sat around and talked about all of the cool games you would design if you could. Most designers would agree they have a cool job; probably even their dream job. What is not to like about making your own hours, wearing whatever you want when you work and creating even better games than when you were a kid? Of course, as with any job, there is hard work and long hours involved, but most would agree that it is still a cool way to make a living.