My Article Network – 3 Tips You Will Fail Without

I have been using My Article Network for a little over a month now, and I have to say I am quite surprised with the results. I was very hesitant at first as I got burnt by a similar automated article submission service 6 months ago – and those sites are still yet to recover. So I undertook some pretty heavy testing on some new sites to see what benefits there were to be had. This review is going to address some questions that have already been raised – and give you some clear answers.

How Does It Actually Work?

Just quickly I want to explain how the system works and what sets it apart from other offerings such as Linkvarna and submityourarticle. The my article network is comprised of well in excess of 10,000 quality blogs across more than a hundred categories. Now I really want to focus on the point of quality. They do not accept any blog onto their network – and they prefer older blogs with established PR. Also you can get all your blogs on the network and have fresh content posted automatically – this is going to give them a massive lift.

On the other side, and more popular, you can submit an unlimited amount of articles into the system, create multiple versions of the one article, then release them gradually over time to an amount of blogs of your choosing. The end result is a gradual distribution of your articles, ongoing natural link building, which results in an unfair increase in your search engine rankings.Click HERE To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings With My Article Network Now


Tip 1 – Submit Only Fresh Articles

Now if you are as excited as I was, after investing you are going to pump in your best articles straight into the system. I strongly recommend you re-write them so they are as fresh as possible. The main purpose of the network is the creation and re-invention of original content which can be posted time and time again for more indexing and Google ranking.

Tip 2 – Spin Article Titles, Body Text & Anchor Links

The rewrite/spin feature of my article network is unique and clearly what sets it apart from the competition. The creators have made it dead easy to create literally hundreds (if you desire) of versions of the 1 article. You can do this via the semi automated process or use the manual spinning feature. This feature alone leaves the competition for dead – and I am sure its why my site rankings suffered when I tried a previous service.

As an absolute minimum I recommend you re-write the article title the full 10 times and re-write the body at least 150%. To do this you would need to provide about 2 alternate sentences for each sentence in the re-write feature. If you are an experienced article writer this wont take you longer than 30 mins per article. Trust me when I say it will be the most worthwhile 30mins you can invest in your article submission.

Tip 3 – Control Where Your Articles Get Published!

Now personally I think it is a little cheeky of the my article network creators to allow unlimited distribution of your articles on the network. Sure the articles are only posted on relevant blogs, but you should be in proportion with the number of versions you created – this will give you more bang for your buck as Google will see more unique versions and give you the power for the backlinks. As I mentioned in Tip 2 for the absolute minimum rewrites – you should limit your site distribution to no more than 20 sites. This will protect you from any possible Google slap.

The Results

I have seen my new sites grab top 20 placements for competitive terms I targeted in the articles. For the lesser competitive terms I am on page 1 – and reckon over the next month will knock off the top 3 positions.

My Conclusion?

My Article Network is going to revolutionise article submission, and is probably over time going to make the larger article directories such as and less relevant. This is web2.0 at its most powerful and is definitely the future of content sharing and creation on the internet. You should definitely join now while the price is still so low – I have been told they will increase it as the more members join.