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Review Niche Video Site Builder Promotion

Get 90% discount on this all-time best selling video website builder!

Niche Video Site Builder is the most advanced and most popular website builder available on the web right now.  You can create a fully active video website in any niche in less than 1 minute.

And it’s super easy to use:

– you just enter a keyword and your adsense ID

– you upload it to your domain – no step 3… that’s it.

The Videos are all set and you can forget them. However, do not forget to check your Adsense account and your Analytics though!  You can check a demo site here.

This perfectly working Niche Video Site Builder Tool has also some amazing advanced features built-in working for you on autopilot:

– automatic content, you don’t have to lift a finger.

– NVSB finds the most relevant videos on Youtube for you.

– strong filtering capabilities to only show relevant and useful videos.

– automatically create SILOs inside your website for maximum SEO.

– automatically generate backlinks from authority websites.

– engage your audience

– leverage the power of social networks.

– allow your visitors to tag your pages.

– these video websites force bots to index

– thousands of your web pages will drive hordes of targeted visitors.

– automatic update

– automatic viral growth based on the new videos published on Youtube

– works with Google Analytics (if you wish to monitor each site).

– many advanced settings (optional) to further customize your website

– change filtering settings (optional), switch from Adsense to any other ads…

You could have your first video website live in less than 1 minute. Seriously, this video website builder is the most impressive script I have seen in years and I can only recommend it to you. It currently powers around 350,000+ websites on the Internet, and growing every day!).

The best part is that for a very short time you can get it at a 90% discount (hint: below 10 bucks…)!

This is truly a no brainer and a must have in your arsenal. If you’re like me and you have 20 or even 500 domains sitting there doing nothing, you could easily turn them into traffic and profit pulling machines by installing a NVSB website on every of those websites.

Or, if you have blogs, you could drive more traffic to it by installing a NVSB powered website in a subdomain and linking back to your blog!

Next, if you want to promote a Squeeze page, then it becomes even easyer. You just take your optin code and plug it into Niche Video Site Builder (it’s as easy as copy and paste), or you can simply link from your video website to your squeeze page and get tons of targeted visitors!

This script is really a true “Sky is the Limit” product delivering so much more than the price it’s offered for. At that price it’s a no brainer and you should get it right away.

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Review 30 Day Traffic Flow Course

Get Your Complete Traffic Training Program For Any Help You Need!

Are you or do you intend to building new websites and have you already wondered how to get traffic to them the best way?

But how to do?
Where to begin?
What tools to use?
How much effort does it take?
Is there a proven way for success?

Well, you are not alone and that is why I recommend to have a great look at this very affordable and straight forward 30 day traffic flow course.  With this proven and easy to follow traffic system you are really able to push up your online traffic systematically, focussed and fast. You only need to followdaily  all step by step instructions for the next 30 days. Then keep following up and repeat the process for even more targeted traffic floods.

You will

  • Learn that targeted traffic generation is not ‘rocket science’.
  • Learn how to remain focused when ‘times get tough’.
  • Learn how to find a step by step system that can’t fail!
  • Find a system that is so simple anyone could do it!
  • Be amazed when that steady flow of traffic becomes a flood!

This traffic flow system works much better than all the other so called ‘best traffic generating methods’. The reason ist, it works with a computer program that virtually forces traffic to your blogs and websites. And getting to the top of the search rankings for your keywords by using ethical, completely legal and completely search engine friendly methods will ensure that y our sites stay there for a long time.

And the best ist, if all the methods of generating traffic in the 30 Day Traffic Flow System are not enough for you, there are six more traffic reports included in the package. So, for sure you get much more value for the very low purchase price.

If you are looking for some good progress for your online activity, then this is a serious product I can only recommend to all marketers and newcomers.

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How To Use The Follow Me Twitter Concept

Twitter is still one of the best Traffic Sources!

It only takes a few minutes to follow someone on Twitter.  The “follow me on Twitter” concept is what people use to get people to communicate with them on their Twitter website.  This is the way that people will get to know you as you participate in conversation with them.

All it takes is a simple tweet to post to your site.  It has to be short and to the point because Twitter only allows 140 characters to use for each tweet.

Look for members that have already signed up and follow them first.  If you need to find followers you can either invite them to join Twitter or choose the “Public Timeline” link.  You will see other twitters listed.  You can select their username and activate the “Follow” button of those you want to follow.

Most of them will follow you back then.  Using the “follow me on Twitter” concept is the best way to get visitors to your website or affiliate recommendation. Important is to follow people which have about the same interest and preferences as you have. Tha’s the best guarantee to build a lon tail of followers and interested readers of your tweets.

Your followers will stop following you very quickly if you just promote one tweet after the other.  Before you start promoting your own business, you have to first establisha good  relationship with your followers.

To get a full range of  Twitter knowledge, please click here.

You can also use all these information and eBooks to build your Twitter empire and an online income as they contain all a PLR or MRR Licence. Please profit from my VIP-Special Offer I have put together especially for my readers.

Download Your FREE Power Buy Buttons

Get More Sales With These Web 2.0 Orderbuttons!

This is a special free offer for my blog readers and you can grab 4 Great Sets of POWER Buy Buttons right now. Inside each package are 8 different Orderbuttons – Buttons that Sell.

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The .jpg and .psd files are included so you can change the look of each button to your needs and at your will. 

Enjoy this Package.

25 Ways to Build Your Subscriber List Fast

A Responsive List Is The Base Of Your Online Empire!

Email marketing is very profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you are selling. And it works online as well as for Brick and Mortar Businesses. It’s significantly cheaper than other advertising methods and it helps build credibility with your subscribers.

These are the fundamentals of online success you definitively need to follow in order to get positive results in quite a short time:

1.    Always be honest, get credibility, trust and respect.

2.    Offer best possible value, over-deliver!

3.    Avoid 2nd class content and scrap resources, use your own intuition!

4.    Build and grow a community of following and loyal customers.

5.    Work hard to get email, blog subscribers and social network followers.

6.    Work with others. Form JV relationships. Keep it going.

7.    Learn how to refine your business but also put it into practice.

8.    Your own input is absolutely vital.

9.    But your OUTPUT defines when and how much the real fireworks happen!

10. As a result, you can generate more sales and profits. Once this
happens, rinse and repeat what works best. Always try to refine
your system and implement some new tools and twists.

The foundation for successful email marketing is a targeted, responsive and permission-based email list. If you have a list of subscribers that trust you and consider you an expert, you’ve completed the first step and are on your way!

Please read on to learn several more list-building ideas that will help you make the most of your email marketing efforts:

11. Provide useful, relevant and unique content. Your visitors will
not give you their email addresses just because they can subscribe
to your newsletter free of charge. You have to provide unique and
valuable information that will be useful to your subscribers.

12. Add a subscription form to every page of your website.
Make sure it stands out so it is easy to find. If appropriate, you can also
include it in more than one place. For instance, your opt-in form
might always appear in the top-left corner of your site, while you
also include an opt-in at the bottom of some of your popular articles.
Use Aweber or GetResponse as best choices of autoresponders.

13. Make it easy for your reader to sign up. The more information
you request, the fewer people will opt-in. In most cases, a name and
an email address should suffice. If it’s not necessary, don’t
include it here. (Note: If you don’t have a Privacy Policy, put
the words “privacy policy generator” into a search engine and
you should be able to find a suitable form for your readers to

14. Publish a Privacy Policy. Let your readers know that they can
be confident you will not share their information with others. The
easiest way to do this is to set up a Privacy Policy web page and
provide the link to it below your opt-in form.

15. Show your first issue or other sample to your visitors.
This lets potential subscribers review your newsletter before they
sign up to determine if it is something they’d be interested in as in
my Educational Newsletter.

16. Archive past newsletter issues. A “library” of past newsletters
is both appealing and useful to visitors and builds your credibility
as an authority. In addition, if your articles are written with good
SEO techniques in mind, they can send additional traffic to your
website through good search engine positioning.

17. Contact other newsletter publishers. Introduce yourself and
explore ways you may be able to help each other. Perhaps you can
introduce other publisher’s newsletters or print articles they have
written to your list, with a link to sign up. When you contact them,
be sure to tell them why you think THEIR readers would like what
you have to offer and why YOUR readers would benefit from their
newsletters. This is a win-win scenario; both of you will build your
lists faster!

18. Give away bonuses subscribers can use. Create an opt-in
bonus for joining your subscriber list. You can write an ebook or
PDF report, or even hire a programmer to create downloadable or
web-based software. But don’t limit yourself to only a gift for
new opt-ins. Remind your readers that the next bonus is coming
soon. People hate to miss out on things. If you systematically
pass on “goodies” throughout the year, your subscribers are
unlikely to leave.

19. Ask your subscribers to pass it on. Word of mouth is a
powerful viral technique that works great with email marketing.
If your subscribers find the content you share with them to be
informative, they will pass your newsletter on to their friends.
This can be a good source of new subscribers. Do Forum Marketing
to get more exposure.

20. Let others reprint your newsletter as long as the content
is not modified. Any webmasters and newsletter publishers are
actively looking for high-quality content and, if they reprint
your newsletter, you will get new subscribers, traffic and links
pointing to your site.

21. Include a “Sign Up” button in the newsletter. If you are using
plain text instead of HTML, provide a text link to your subscription
page. You may feel that this is not required because the subscriber
is already on your list, but remember that readers will forward your
newsletters to others, reprint it online. You want to make it easy for
them to subscribe.

22. Add a squeeze page. A squeeze page has one goal? to get an
opt-in and build your list. Think of it like a mini-sales
letter for your subscription or opt-in bonus. It features a
powerful headline and a couple of very important benefits that
should make subscribers salivate to sign up to your list. Once
created, use a service such as WordTracker to find hundreds of
targeted keywords, and advertise there using pay-per-click
advertising from Google, MSN and Yahoo.

23. Include testimonials on your squeeze page. This is crucial.
Put 1 or 2 strong testimonials from satisfied subscribers on your
squeeze page. This can be in any format, but you may find that
multimedia (audio or video social proof) is more “believable”. To
increase that believability, include full names, locations and/or
URLs. Don’t use “Bob K, FL” as a testimonial name.

24. Blog religiously. Blogging is a great way to communicate with
your potential customers, and it creates a nice synergy with your
email marketing. Be sure to include your newsletter sign-up form
on each page of your blog. You can start a free blog at Blogger or

25. Post on other blogs. Post great comments and information
on similar blogs with a link to your squeeze or opt-in page. Also
comment on others’ blogs through trackbacks. In most cases,
your comments will be posted on their blogs with a link back
to your site. This is an easy way to generate new traffic and

That’s quite a lot of content and ideas to implement. So, please take your time to get everything set up in a good and serious manner. Take out what you think will work best for you. Do one thing after the other, try it out, don’t forget to track your results.

Once something works out to your satisfaction, come back and start a new task. If you sign up to my Martin Bigler’s Educational Newsletter, you can profit from a lot more useful tips and free tools to build your virtual real estate empire successfully in a very short time. Just be willing to work for your dream. It’s really worth the effort!

You can read still more in this Free 90 page List Building Ebook here…

There is no opt-in and you even can brand this fully packed ebook with your own Affiliate Links, give it away and earn some good commissions while you are building your own list.

I hope this will guide you well and I invite you to leave your comment or tell me about your own failures and success stories. Thanks and hear from you soon.


How To Run Membership Sites With Free Software

People Who Own Membership Sites Make More Money

10 Shocking Facts About Membership Sites is a Free Report you can check out if you are interested to build your own Membership Sites System.

My friend and mentor, Mike Paetzold has layed out a step by step a process where you can take 60 minutes of content someone else generates, and use it to populate 2 weeks worth of content. No, it does not involve PLR or MRR products but plain and high quality original content. But the best is, it’s not you who will create it!

This technique and system works very well in the internet marketing niche.  You can set up the membership site in 5 minutes for free.

Generate a months worth of content in less than 8 hours of effort, and then use one of Mike’s 6 techniques to make it irresistible to visitors.

If you are really interested in making some good income form such a membership site system, then read on here…


Video – Cash Spewing Website Built For You

Are you ready to earn money?

Today I want to show you an easy and profitable way to create a steady income stream with a free available viral selling program.

You can download a Free Widget, insert your Papal email address and place the HTML code inside your website. This rotates an ever growing list of Reseller Software and Ebooks. The VIDEO explains how it all works…

If someone buys from there, you get 100% of the sales price in your pocket.

The only thing you must do is placing the widget into as many or your websites and blogs to get the best market presence. Then sit back and wait for the payments to come in daily.

To make it even better, you can get your own store and insert your own PLR and Reseller material there.

Please check it out here for the Free Widget and also see a sample of your future Virtual Store.

This is one of the laziest ways I know to earn a steady flow of online income. Make sure you sign up and also watch the second Video, because it really shows how the income will be created.

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There is also an upgraded version which lets you play the game at even higher cash in speed. Hint:  start free and earn the upgrading fee first, then get to second gear at full speed!


Free Viral PDFs Are Best For Listbuilding

Free Re-Brandable Ebooks & Reports Are The Juice of Your Online Marketing! 

I worked hard recently to get this fully re-brandable viral ebook up and running. Now
it’s done and you can get your FREE money making PDF download by
clicking right here

The 50 page ebook contains over 10 high converting linkswhich  you can re-brand with YOUR own affiliate IDs. Further, you get all the Downlines for every re-branded link to your account. This will build your own subscriber list and push
your viral traffic exponentially.

First  re-brand this Ebook with all your affiliate links you prefer or join the recommended programs to get the links. Then just give away the Ebook for free and see what happenes!

As a Bonus, you also can download a copy of my squeeze page to make it very easy for you to get all up and running fast. Just change the text to your liking and insert your link leading to the re-branded copy of the ebook downolad file.

No worry, you get all the URLs right after the re-branding process. You only need to insert your e-mail address at the bottom of the re-brander form and a minute later the links are in your mail box.

Second and last, read the Ebook and apply the techniques and informations given. Remember, it’s all free and there is no opt-in.

Viral PDFs and Reports are one of the best source to get targeted traffic and finally sales as there are so many people liking to get the free information provided.

Re-Branding PDFs can be done with just some clicks and by following the easy step-by-step instructions (includes videos)  inside the admin area.  The program I use is much more efficient as the usual rebrander tools offered on the market right now.

If you really want to turbo charge your listbuilding process and get more than 100 targeted subscribers day after day, then check out this  Rebrander Software

I hope this will inspire you to get started with your own PDF reports very soon. 

Auto Cash Systems Review

Are You Sick and Tired Of All The Lies?

I don’t know about you, however, I am sick and tired of being told lies about generating income, traffic and other promises on the web.

In the past, all the self appointed “Gurus” have always given us a picture of the puzzle with false promises of fame, fortune and a way of life that only movie stars and multi-billionaires can achieve. Do you feel the same?

The kind of picture, sitting on the beach with a drink by the side or, posing in front of a mansion with a 750 BMW or Range Rover or any other wealthy looking and impressing car…

Do not give up, there are also serious and successful ways and I want to show you a step by step system that will allow you to crack the internet marketing
code once and for all.

This is a real powerful and understandable  step by step system that walks you
through to the full online success.  Click here to get the full range of what this   Auto Cash System can do for you.

On the home page of Auto Cash System the author Lanty Paul talks about his battle with debt and how he was finally able to defeat the problem by using his secret techniques to generate thousands of dollars on the internet. He then goes on to explain that he shared his system (which would later be named auto cash system) with four of his family members.

After these four lucky individuals started applying his techniques online they immediately began seeing profits, as much as some $700 per day. But it still was work and it took them several month to achieve this. !

This auto cash guide consists of  two e-books and includes a lot of  other perks to help you in every situation on your way to online success, from audio taps to bonus programs.

The first ebook is a very detailed guide explaining how to get started right away, and for any newbie a treasure of just every thing you need to know to be well on your way to a better living.

The second ebook  is more in-depth stuff and gives you all of the tricks and secrets that are not talked about in any other money making system. The many audio interviews you can choose from give you further top information and tips on how to succeed online.

If you follow exactly the easy step by step system Lanty laid out, you can be in a small profit even within the first 48 hours.  Within the about next three months, you will be adding more and more of Lanty’s techniques and the amount of money you will earn starts to become a regular flow, growing fom month to mont.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who is honestly looking to make a real living from their internet avtivities.

For more information on this incredible system click here.


Escape The 9 To 5 Rat Race!

Is this possible for a Brick and Mortar Job Holder?


Right now you can download over 30 Free Products offered by Top Online Marketers at the Anti 9 to 5 Giveaway. The consolidated value of these excellent starting and learning products is at least $3.500.

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Ther Anti 9 to 5 Giveaway - All for FREE!

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The Huge No Money Commission System

Would you like to have a complete home study course to make money on the internet without having to invest big time?  Let me introduce…

The No Money System Home Study Course

This downloadable home study course includes 30 videos with about 289 minutes of total content, or almost 5 hours of content. This massive package shows you step-by-step a complete affiliate marketing system from start to finish.

And the best is, you get these 30 Videos for a sensational price of almost nothing,

just 60 cents each. Plus you also get the full Master Resale Rights (MRR) which includes the complete set of websites, download page, all the videos and a fully integrated affiliate site.

You only put your name on it, leave everything unchanged and upload all the files to your web host. You are done and start making sales by promoting the

‘No Money System

website.  While you learn from the videos, you start building up your second stream of online income. What do you want more?

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Enjoy and best success!

How To Start An Online Income

Are you unpatient with your online income situation?

Do you work hard to earn some small amounts of monthly dollars from your internet activity?

Or, do you desperately want to grow your online business but don’t have the time, enough knowledge or many other reasons why it somehow does not work well enough?

I can get you relief! Read on more here…

SEO Tips For Beginners Will Help You!

Search Engine Domination Made Easy…

To get a high and lasting ranking of your product, website and articles, it is essential that you do invest some time in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Good keywords and long tail phrases, placement of your links in social sites and networks, send out promotions and more is just one side of the business.  There is more to learn about SEO and that’s why this easy guide will certainly help you to…

* Gain better understanding of Search Engines.

* Set up your own traffic strategy and funnel that will flood your websites
   with free visitors every month, with little or no effort!

* Get out the full advantage from your keywords.

* Keep your website and online business safe.

* Optimise your pages for better search engine ranking!

* Quickly generate hundreds of quality backlinks to your Websites and
   Blogs, and more best strategies.

These profound Step-by-Step Methods will work for you!

The Best SEO Tutorial Ever!

Even if you are new to internet marketing and have never paid for advertising
before (all the better then), you will find these methods easy to implement and
to start for your best benefit.

You can get this detailed guide to your SEO success for my special subscriber
offer at just $ 7 right now.

So, please take a look and don’t miss this offer!

You will earn back this little investment many fold in the future, for sure.

I wish you best success and hope you enjoy these new SEO tactics!

The combination of SEO and Backlinks is even more powerful. Why not combine them?

Step-by-Step best SEO and How to Get More Backlinks…

How To Make Money With Twitter

If you thought using Twitter was only for social networking, think again.  People are starting to tap in to the concept of making money with their Twitter website.  You can make money with Twitter, but there are certain things you have to do in order to make a profit.

Of course, you must have a Twitter account in order to make money with Twitter.  Signing up for a Twitter account does not cost you anything.  When you get your Twitter site set up, you will want to start posting tweets to your site.  Posting tweets will help you get followers.  When followers tweet posts to you, you should respond in kind.

It is not necessary to have a gigantic following in order to make money with Twitter.  It’s better to have followers that have the same interests than hundreds of followers that are not interested in cultivating a relationship with you on your Twitter site.

You don’t want to be too quick about promoting things in the very beginning.  It’s better to get to know the followers on your site.  You should want to establish a trust with them.  They should also want to establish a trust with you.  When it’s time for you to make money with Twitter, it will be easier for you because the relationship has been established.

When you are ready to make money with Twitter, don’t blatantly promote your products or services.  Some people could think that you are trying to spam them.  It’s not a good idea to mention your product to your followers every time you send a tweet.

However, when the time is right, here are some ways that you can make money with Twitter:

Product Recommendation
You could write a recommendation of a product to your followers.  Encourage them to check it out and take action.  It’s a good idea if you actually tried out the product  yourself before you recommend it to them.  It will make you the expert on it, and they will be more inclined to purchase.

Affiliate Marketing
If you are recommending a product on behalf of someone else, you can place your affiliate link in your tweet post.

Your Own Product
You can promote your own product and sell it from your sales page.

Any of these ideas are ways that you can make money from Twitter.  The key to doing it is not to constantly throw it in their face everytime you tweet.  Your followers will be turned off because they will start thinking that your main motive for being on Twitter is to sell your product.  The easier way to lead up to this is to provide quality and meaningful content to your followers.

I offer you my free Twitter Crash Course for more useful tips and tricks.

Furthermore,  I suggest that you look at my Special VIP Twitter Dream Package which contains 20 of the most valuable Twitter Ebooks and Learning Tools. You can even get the Master Resell Rights and start earning some good income fast.

Just put your name on it and you are ready to go…