Paid Traffic against Free Traffic – Pro and Cons

Today I want to speak about on of the most important ingredients of any online business: TIME.

It’s one treasure every and each human being has the same amount of, i.e. 24 hours per day! But for some time is just used to get food and to survive while others have plenty of time and waste it sometimes for getting not much.

It’s a fact that not everybody is gifted with the nuts and guts to get the best out of their time. There need to be some learning and improving. This process is called leveraging. Leveraging time means to employ time and skills form other persons in order to get more done within a shorter period of time.

Now let’s talk about spending time to build your online business!

Just every online guru and ,marketer has somehow started by clicking links and get interested in website content, got signed up to a list and probably bought many unnecessary and  not working products, wasting a lot of time and money.

But some realize the trap and get advice from senior and successful entrepreneurs and let themselves teach the best and powerful systems. The others are probably still wasting their time to hop from one opportunity to the other.

OK – FREE Traffic!

This is where you try to get as many eyes to your offers and websites by advertising on (so called) free programs like Herculist (mail to +70k), viral programs and mailers, Traffic Exchanges, Advertising Coops, Blogging, clicking PPC Mails and many other similar sources like TrafficLeads2IncomeVM.

It’s true, the base traffic of such programs is free but also of not too high value. As per my own experience, you need to send out about 2-300,000 mails per day to get maybe 2-3000 clicks, 500 opens, eventually 2-3 leads that sign up to your list per day. Doing this will consume about 2-3 hour per day. Even if you use programs like Referral Frenzy or Viral Mail Profits.  That means you spend your precious time just to get a minimum result. Not what you want, for sure! Even if you upgrade in some programs and get the credits monthly instead of having to click for them, you still will have to invest +2 hours/day.

And PAID Traffic?

I want to give you one tip that is critical to your business success. It’s one thing that all successful people have in common. Simply Trust in Yourself!

Trust helps you to enforce your ability to make quick decisions by yourself and not having to ask somebody else (also not experts probably…).  And the best is: the more you do it the better you get at it.

What if you have taken a wrong ? Well, look back, check what you did wrong, improve and try it again. Always stand up once more than you fall!

And imagine when you take the decision to use Paid Traffic Sources you could probably get a clickthru rate of +30%, some 5-10 signups and probably ONE SALE. And this with some clicks, a good headline and short, pregnant advertising text and the swill to spend some $30-50 for this.  Check out MLM Leads, Udimi, Clixly or Banner Ads that Pay or Cash in on Banners.

Then reflect what you could do with the other 2 hours of freed time?

YES – For just 1 hour still use free traffic in addition but only where it pays out. That means you need to know where your conversions are coming from. You need to track your links. With the last free hour you check statistics, refine your ads, adapt the strategy and get better and better each and every day.

In short: with a small investment in paid traffic you get better results faster and your time just doubled. So will your income and online business if you do this daily, consistently and do not give up.

That’s Time Leverage!

Once you get some steady income, take the next step and let your personal coach help and guide you to the next level of a steady and residual online income. The Aspire System is exactly the place to be then (there is a $1 trial for 14 days to check it out and the personal coach is already there for you)!









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