Planning 2009 – How to do it Easy

Planning is always difficult for me. Having the head full of ideas and goals needs some organisation and discipline to get them all realised. I help myself with a dictaphone which I carry always with me. That way, I am able to record my flash ideas immediately and I do not lose them. About every two days, I write these recordings down and keep the paper in a folder for later use or fall back.

My second tool is a simple list I do every evening for the following day. In this list, I write all pending tasks I want to do tomorrow or at least till the end of the week. The rule is, to definitively work down the first three items, better more. What’s left, will be carried on to the next day and put on top as first and second priority.

In my 2009 plan, I write all Tasks, Ideas and Wishes I want to realise or bring forward in this year. Under the main tasks, I write about 5-10 key words or definitions, which I use later for the fine tuning. After I have my ideas together, I then break everything down to workable bits and pieces. That could be half year, quarters, months, weeks, days or hours. Out of this, I get my final roadmap to go for every day as outlined above.

When you plan, do not forget enough family time, relaxing and sport, as well as some time for unforseen disturbances. For me, I do calculate how much time I need every day to get my plans realised and done in due time. This work comes always first and I have fixed time frames when I work on my planned tasks. If I have a set back or something else takes a little longer, then I either work harder on it (if there is spare time) or I change the priorities of the not so important things. However, once the yearly plan stands, it must be followed from the beginning to the end in order to get the desired results. And yes, sometimes, it is a bit difficult not to become the slave of the plan or get distracted…

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to do the 2009 planning for your own needs and duties. Maybe you have something I forgot to think about or I can learn from you? Please do not hesitate to comment and give me some great input!