Remote Working Part 3 – Best online software

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self management more….

Before I show you my collection of great net tools that will definitely help you to work remotely, I should discuss one more point concerning self discipline and especially to do with maintaining your focus and powers of concentration

I’ve observed and confirmed a consistent behavior in acquaintances who work online and I’ve known for some time and I call this trait the 50 min rule. I uncovered these colleagues who apply themselves and work for fifty minutes and then always take a whole 10 mins. rest and are considerably more productive and generate a substantially greater quality of work than members of both sexes who don’t have such distinct working practises.

OK as promised I present you with my list of preferred remote working online services:


Google Mail doesn’t cost anything. My friends and I all agree the search & label (categories) functions are second to none. So far the only gripe I have is that it runs a bit slow on not so new PC’s

Phone calls

occasionally drove me to despair as the connection quality and reliability was atrocious, but hats off for the software tech’s at Skype now as they have considerably refined the quality of the service. For just a few bucks a quarter ! can call and conference in any telephone and Skype user on Earth. The current edition of Skype has a wealth of excellent features and there is an ever growing list of practical add on applications.

Organising Content

has reached over a million users in a very short space of time – it lets you to store, organise and annotate any type of digital content on the web. Just go check it out…it’s free.

Invoicing, Time and Expenses capture, Accounting and CRM

You surely know that my desire to work remotely was originally inspired by Quickbooks Online, a small business accounting software system. But it is shadowed by the free edition of – a lead to cash system that’s as easy to use as a pc mouse I looked at NetSuite whose pricing (and people) scared me off. My choice here is – Go check it out.