Resell Rights Express – Free Trial Ends

I want you to inform about Derrick van Dyke’s announcement that he will be extending free access to his “Resale Rights Express” until Friday, 1/9. That means you can go in, grab 99 (NINETY NINE) quality Resale RIGHTS products during the free access period.

What is Resale Rights Express? Well, imagine almost all those products that folks sell to you.. for just one low monthly charge, INCLUDING resale rights.

Derrick hand-selects each product and delivers a complete reseller package that includes a salesletter, customer registration page, a download page, and license files. Everything is organized to make it easy to set up and sell.

Derrick and his crew even have created video tutorials that show you how to set up your reseller site from start to finish. You get instant access to all these videos and 99 hot products that you can sell and keep all the profits…

Watch this PreSale Video and at the end click for “More Information” where Derrick van Dyke explains all the advantages you can secure with Resell Rights Express.

Why pay for each product separately when you can get all the latest resell rights for one low price? I really can recommend Derrick’s products as I use them myself with success.