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How To Spread News About Your Quality Blog

Every Blogger has the pride to make good content available to the loyal blog subscribers and other visitors. Off course you want that people stay on your blog, read and comment your posts. This also creates valuable free traffic plus more and more good backlinks from similar blogs or niches.

I for myself try to optimise traffic and content so that everyone can benefit. Searching the net, I recently came accross BlogUpp! and stopped there to read more. I got interested and finally inserted my blog URL to get the HTML code for the widget you can see further down this site.

BlogUpp! shows other blog headlines within the widget and your blog will be featured at other blogs which have linked to BlogUpp! This is all free and will give you a good edge in additional traffic from the search engines. BlogUpp! has a PR between 4 and 5 which means its already a high traffic site and still growing. Your quote will usually be delivered and approved within 1 business day.

Why advertise within the BlogUpp! community?

* Interactive ads, combined image and text
* Reach a highly engaged audience
* Selection of quality blogs only
* CPM, CPC and CPA options
* Google Ad Manager tracking
* Multilanguage blog coverage
* Multiple targeting choices
* Geo-targeting offered
* Anti-fraud on guard
* Simple. Original. Efficient.

And you get even free advertising by placing the BlogUpp! widget on your blog. Plus there are more features which make BlogUpp! different:

* No Sign-up
* 3 Tools at once. Free
* Dynamic blog targeting
* Handpicked quality blogs
* Cheat-proof and fair sharing
* Blogspot, WordPress and alike friendly
* Welcome bonus for every approved blog
* Premium from 5 EUR. Geo-targeting offered
* Best de facto exchange ratio (10:9) and more

With the Blog Discovery Toolbar you can enjoy the exitement of discovering new things, themes or niches. It is a great way to explore blogs seamlessly and come across excellent new blogs.

To advertise on blogs is  easy too. Reach engaged users cost-efficiently and benefit of social advertising on influent blogs via the BlogUpp! blog promotion widget and blog directory. To get an advertising quote and to leverage your blogging influence,  just enter your site URL here.

Click here to explore and see how advertisements from publisher blogs via the  BlogUpp! blog directory will look like.

To sum it up: Blog Promotion with BlogUpp! is great and free. Have Your Blog Promoted by Readers. Easy, Free and No Sign-up. More cool and informative articles are available from their Blog too.