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Create Your Massive Income With Easy Videos

This is a brand new release and it’s called “Easy Video Player”. This great software allows you to place just any kind of videos on your website or blog. The best is: it includes opt-in forms, pay buttons, and other sales or list buildign tools. You really can’t loose with this super easy video software.  And it is also clearly targeted to all the beginners. So if you are in a hurry, then please click here to go directly to the site.

But let’s go on and digg in and check some facts firsts!

Would you like to to make more money no matter what you sell? You can if you immediately start applying videos to your marketing campaigns and websites. As it was quite a hassle to upload videos in the past, with all the techie stuff, this gap is now perfectly closed with this new and easy to use “all in one” Easy Video Player Software.

  • Actually you cannot escape from videos these days as many, many other marketers are already using or just implementing them. So don’t fall back and start to explode your income (remember my Free Web 2.0 Income Traffic Explosion Ebook?)
  • The old days of Video Marketing are dead, now it’s so easy for you to use video marketing and succeed!
  • This Easy Video Software could be the beginning of  Video Marketing 2.0 or even Web Marketing 3.0…

And this are the benefits of this superb software:

  • You alone decide what it will do for you, using the great array of features provided.
  • No more confusing coding. You really can get a video to any kind of website in almost under a minute of time.
  • You can include opt-in forms into your videos with just a click.
  • The easy auto-redirect feature guides your viewers immediately to any link you prefer. This will increase your conversion and sales dramatically.
  • Insert PayPal buttons into your video with a click.
  • You can also insert HTML to your videos, like Adsense, Amazon or Clickbank codes or more…

Do you agree that this sounds great and amazing? If you see it, you will just believe me. Click on the Video Picture to see the video on the website. You must scroll down a little…

Easy Video Player Demo Video - Please Scroll Down The Web Page...


Then grab your copy now and be well ahead of the crowd!

You will gain immediate access to the product via digital download and can start to take your business to the next level…

Look at all these positive benefits and features again:

  • Instantly and automatically send your video viewers to any website, shopping card of affiliate promotion after your video stops playing. No need to prompt your prospect to “click the link below” anymore. EVP makes it easier than ever for your customers to buy from you!
  • Explode sales and increase profits by embedding “buy now” buttons directly into your videos! Your call-to-action no longer requires your visitors to complete fifty steps.. Finally capitalize on psychology by enticing your visitor when they’re most likely to make a purchase.
  • Quickly and easily capture e-mail addresses and generate leads, by adding opt-in forms inside your videos. Your viral video is now a self-contained squeeze page dedicated to turbo-charging your list building for lightning-fast profits!
  • Easily create and protect “member only” videos with a few clicks of the mouse. Imagine thousands of dollars in lost revenue you can now avoid completely by ensuring only paid customers can gain access to exclusive content…
  • Publish your videos on ANY website within seconds. With just a couple of easy steps (copy and paste) you can quickly get your videos online without ever having to worry about them not working properly. Saving you time and money.
  • Use the quality servers at Amazon S3 to quickly and securely host your videos for pennies! It previously cost excessive monthly fees and was virtually impossible to use Amazon to embed videos because your viewers were left waiting. Not any more!

Yes, that’s all fine, but are there any negative points?

Yes and no, it just depends on your will to get to market your products and offers the best way possible and second, on the price tag, which I personally find still very modest in caomparison to waht you get and the potential of the future income explosion you will see.

However, if you are on a low budget, then this is maybe a little too early to invest. But you do not have to starve and give up. Never do this!

You can download my free Income Traffic Explosion Ebook to kick off your Web 2.0 traffic storm and income first. The Ebook is FREE and so are all the tools and step-by-step tactics documented on over 100 pages. Do not hesitate a minute, download it here!

After you have earned a small but steady monthly Web 2.0 income – let’s say $ 75 to $ 150 at the first stage – you can invest this or part of it into the next tool which in my opinion clearly is the Easy Video Player Software.

Maybe you cannot see all the beenefits right now and thing uploading video agains a payment of over $ 100 is not the deal?

Well,  have again a look at how online videos can help to benefit your business manyfold. First there is the Viral Power which online videos trigger. Imagine: YouTube alone receives millions of visitors every day and they do watch probably 2-3 videos. So this is definitively a prime selling point.

The viral power begins, when people like the video and start sending the link to their friends, tweet it of put it on other social websites. This is the point where you virtually can no more stop your free traffic, leading to much higher conversion and sales of your promoted product.

If you create the videos yourself (and you should do this!), just be natural, honest and provide some good information or solutions. Become passionate about it, love what you do, and success is not far anymore.  Using video definitively allows you to gain instant credibility by setting yourself aside from everyone else.

There are a ton of video platforms out there nowadays but very often they are too complicated and you need to do too much techie stuff yourself. Result: frustration and a lot of lost hours you probably could have spent much better…

So my conclusion is that Easy Video Player really is the only video player created from scratch with internet marketers in mind, it’s just a real deal.

Josh Bartlet has invested eight months of hard work and tens of thousands of dollars of his own money to ensure that Easy Video Player becomes the best video software available on the market.

If you own Easy Video Player (one time investment, lifetime updates) you can easily install your videos on your website, host them for pennies on Amazon S3 servers and monitor tracking statistics – saving you time and money. No more hassles! You can now instantly persuade your customers to take action by inserting PayPal buttons and Aweber opt-in forms into your videos!

A recent market research by the procucer showed already phenomenal results. In just over a few weeks Easy Video Player had done over $20K in sales and went on to receive any number of positive testimonials from well known marketers.

Hassle Free Easy Video Player Software For Best Video Marketing Profits

Now there is one small thing to clarify: are you willing to take action?

Be it the slow path with first earning your income to spend for Easy Video Player or the fast track, acting right now, don’t worry. Josh offers a 100% money back guarantee, he takes all the risk on himself, and if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, you can bail out and receive your money refunded – no questions asked!

Start to make 2010 your best year and live your dreams as you will increase profits from your online business.

Sorry to be a little bit “salesy”, but I am really so convinced of this Easy Video Player Software product that I wanted you to know about it fast.

Please feel free to comment and share your opinion. Thanks.