Review How The 5 Day Cash Machine Works

Get Ready for Huge Results with the 5 Day Cash Machine!

Liz Tomey put together this increadible “5 Day Cash Machine” workshop and it’s truly a ticket to online success. Since Liz always overdelivers with everything she teaches and offers, you can be sure to get some sleepless nights, while you even may generate some first profits…

This incredible life changing workshop will put you into the driver’s seat and lead to fast success, as long as you follow and implement everything you learn in this workshop. The real down side is that you need to work for your success and spare quite some time to get everything into your mind and then to work.

See what’s in it for you:

Module #1
The System Revealed – Profiting In 5 Days Video Series

This video series is made up of 17 step-by-step videos that will lead you through Day 1 to Day 5 of “The 5 Day Cash Machine”. You’ll be able to watch over Liz’s shoulder as she teaches you the entire system, and then will lead you to the first profit on your 5th day. Learning with video has proven to be the best and most effective teaching tool. This step-by-step video system shows you how to do everything you need to do to start profiting!

Profit Research
You are tought how to pick a super profiting product to use to build your “cash machine” around. Liz will reveal some of her own resources to show you how to find out what the best selling affiliate products are, and most importantly the highest paying ones!

Once you’ve picked your product that you’ll be promoting as an affiliate, you are taken by hand step-by-step and shown how to take out information about the product and turn it into high profit affiliate marketing fuel. This fuel is exactly what your “cash machine” needs to be able to generate many and repeated profits for you!

Building Your Cash Machine
No matter what your experience is, building your “cash machine” is super simple. In this module, you will learn again step-by-step how to put the “profit fuel” into your “cash machine”. Just like a car, you’ve got to fuel up your cash machine to get it to take you where you want. This module is totally devoted to showing you how to build your “cash machine” and get it to the highest point of profit possible! This is where you really lay the foundation to your own profits!

Activating Your Cash Machine
Once you tackled the first parts of this system, things are going to get fun! On day 5, Liz will show you how to get people flowing through your “cash machine”, and start making you an income. You’ll learn every traffic technique you’ll need to get people right into your “cash machine”, and how to start generating  money! All the technical stuff will be broken down into very easy steps, and you’ll be able to watch Liz doing everything in the video. So you do not need to worry about this. 

Module #2
Resource Documents, Homework, And Mindmaps, Learning Tools

The videos are the core of this system as you will learn the most from them. However, to give you every additional help you may need, there are also several other resources included, like homework assignments, mindmaps, example “cash machines”, tools, and more. Look at some of them:

Daily Homework Assignments
By breaking everything down into day by day steps, you’ll fly through everything and have your “cash machine” up and running in no time. You’ll simply watch the Day 1 videos on your first day, and do the homework that goes with that day. Get up the next day and move on to Day 2. You’ll continue to do this for all 5 days. Once you finished the videos, and do all the homework in the 5 days, you’ll have a “cash machine” making you money! It’s actually really that simple…

Liz has also created a mindmap for you visual learners. This mindmap has all the steps you’ll need to take to get to the $500 a day income goal. You can print out this mindmap and place it above your computer, bed or in the office, just to remind you of how close you are to gaining that financial freedom you want to achieve.  The mindmap is a great learning tool, and will keep you focused on what you should be doing.

Most people learn best by example! Inside “The 5 Day Cash Machine” you’ll not only watch Liz build a “cash machine” from scratch during the workshop, but she will also give you more examples of profitable “cash machines!”. You can’t copy these examples! However, they are great learning tools which will help you to know exactly what to do!


Module #3
Next Level Income Machines
Once you have your “cash machine” all setup and making you money, you can start to make even more money!. Liz is a great expert and over the time, she was able to tweak things to see what works and what doesn’t work. And there are 5 “extra” things you get to know and that can add some more $1000’s of dollars each year to your income. The exact steps are shown in the “Next Level Income Machines” video tutorials:

Video 1: Instant Commission Cash Secrets
Video 2: Reseller Cash Machines
Video 3: Backend Profits
Video 4: Make Them Fall In Love With You!
Video 5: _____ For More Profits
Video 6: Use Viral Marketing To Gain A Ton Of Traffic
Video 7: _____ Them For Big Cash Payouts!

These 5 extra videos are for those of you who want to do “small things” to your cash machines to get “big profit returns”. The information in these videos is incredible stuff, and can add a great part of profit to your bottom line! And Liz is so convinced that her system works for everyone that she is willing to give you a full 56 days to try it out. 

If you really and seriousle are interested in building a proven and working online business you can reapeat and increase over the time, then this is absolutely the best investment into your financial future.

I hope this is also of interest for you and I keep my fingers crossed that you succeed.