Search engine optimization tips for Twitter

Helpful Tip #39 – Search engine optimization tips for Twitter

1. Optimize the front of your tweet with keywords
     -> The first few characters (48 – 62) are likely to show up in the title tag

2. Add a retweet (RT) to the end of the tweet
     ->The front part of your tweet is precious landscape so don’t waste it up

3. Include keywords in hashtags
     -> If you’re on Twitter talking about a topic use the appropriate hashtag
     -> Hashtags give unity to a topic and people can go to
          and enter the hashtag to see who else is  talking about this topic

4. Communicate immediately with someone on Twitter
     -> You’re tweet might have a higher chance of being noticed if you go out 
          and engage with someone immediately
     -> If you communicate with them regularly, go ahead and ask within a DM 
          (direct message) if they would be so kind as to RT
     -> Don’t abuse your people on Twitter. Be selective in using the tips in
           the two bullet points above

5. Include keywords in URL shorteners
     -> URL shorteners like  BitLy orMyMyFreeTextAds let you customize them by
          adding keywords
     -> Use keywords you wish to target in your URL

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