Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and How To Create Them

Or the Art of Creating Trust and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in People’s Minds. 


Have you ever had someone tell you that something was going to happen, and it happened?

Please take a moment to think about how you can manifest your own self-fulfilling prophecies in your life.

Trust needs to be build in several phases to your audience. It never happened all at once.

In today’s Daily Shortcut Episode, Dave Wood is going to teach how to create a special kind of trust.

By the end of this episode, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to persuade others to your way of thinking, and get people to buy stuff.

When you create trust with a leader, for example, you don’t just immediately decide to buy a product because you were told to – you go through several phases, that look something like the process I’m about to lay out.

Get in and learn all about the 5 Steps To Creating Self Fulfilling Prophecies, which are:

  1. Your attention is entirely captivated, in the moment, by something – it could be anything.
  1. You feel you like the person speaking, and that you are like them, or that you can relate to them by some sort of connected experience.
  1. You feel that what a leader is saying is valuable for some reason, or perhaps that there is something missing, that you don’t know – that they know. Some piece of information you need from them.
  1. Some kind of evidence-based self-fulfilling prophecy happens. The leader tells you that something is going to happen, and it happens in the way that they said – or does it?

…and since this is a bit more complexe, #5 will be explaned seperately…

Get to learn all the details here…



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