Setting Spring Cleaning Goals

A Spring Cleaning Goal: Creating A Bathroom That Sparkles

As you know, bathrooms can harbor lots of dirt and germs.
Because of that, a thorough cleaning is a must. A spic and span bathroom
that is also clutter-free will be an oasis in your home.

First, double check that everything that does not belong
in the bathroom is returned to its home. Get the dirty towels and
washcloths to the laundry and take down the shower curtain and liner for
washing or replacement.

Start the job by dusting the walls and wiping them down
where necessary. If you seem to have a problem with mildew on the walls
in you bathroom, try spraying it with a 5 to 1 water/bleach mixture and
scrubbing it lightly. Repeat until the mildew is gone. Test the bleach
mixture on a hidden spot first; making sure it won’t harm your wall

Remove the window treatments, if there are any, and clean
them or have them cleaned. Wash the windows both outside and in,
scrubbing and rinsing the screens, as well. Keep the windows open to let
out the fumes from any cleaning products and to freshen the room.

Pour toilet bowl cleaner or bleach into the toilet and let
it sit while you clean other parts of the room. If you have mildew in
the tub or shower, spray it down with the bleach solution or a mildew
removal product and let that sit as well.

Clean your mirrors and shine the bathroom sink fixtures.
Wash any soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and containers that usually
sit on the sink area out, or wipe them down. Scrub out the sink and dry
thoroughly when you are done to prevent water spots.

Many people clean their toilets several times per week.
However, it’s still a good idea to give it a big once-over for spring.
Make sure you use a brush to get under the rim well. Wipe of the top and
back and scrub the area around the floor, as this often gets ignored in
an everyday bathroom cleanup.

Start cleaning the tub or shower from the top and work
down. Pay attention to the edges and corners, as mold and mildew can
hide in these areas. Remove any mats or slip pads to make sure that they
aren’t harboring mildew and replace if necessary. Scrub out the tub area
and remember to polish the faucet and handles, as well. Wipe the tub dry
when you are done.

Finally, it is time to do the floor. If you have carpeting
in your bathroom, vacuum well and steam clean, if needed. For hard
floors, remove any area rugs and clean them, then sweep or vacuum up any
loose dirt. Mop or clean the floor with a product that is safe for that
particular type of floor covering. Pay close attention to corners and
edges, where germs, mold, and mildew might develop.

Once the floor has dried, replace the rugs and re-hang the
curtains. Put a toilet bowl disc in the tank, light a scented candle,
and your beautifully clean bathroom is ready to enjoy!

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Spring Cleaning made SimpleEnjoy your newly cleaned home…!

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