Spirit of Change – Is Your Vision Big Enough?

In this Daily Shortcut Episode, Dave Wood reflects about the following:


“I love to see that look in people’s eyes when I know they come alive on the inside, when I know they really believe in themselves for the first time.

I like to see people when they’re depressed and see the depression just come off, just disappear. I like to see broke people prosper.

I love it when people who are struggling to recruit a minute ago all of a sudden find it easy.

I love to see it when people have a vision and they believe in it for the first time. It’s like a fire comes on. They go out into the world and they just look and feel different.”

Very powerful and just the beginning of your journey on the road to make your personal vision becoming reality, giving you freedom and satisfaction. 

Dive into the spirit Dave is offering to You!


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