Stop Making Excuses If You Want To Succeed


In today’s Daily Shortcut episode Tracey Walker tells her own story about a very difficult time and a hospital urgency. She does it very powerful and emotionally, so I cannot describe all her feelings, ups and downs here. Instead I invite you to listen to her story direcly here.

By all the emergency and pain she went through, it finally was a big turning point in her life.

See these short comments of her:

I say, “I almost died.” I said, “God please, if you let me live I promise I will not squander my life. I
promise I will not squander my life. I promise I will not squander my life.” Say, “I promise I will
not squander my life.”

For me, sometimes when things aren’t going the way I want them to go, I’m like, “Damn Tracey,
you almost died. Really? This is not that bad. It’s not that bad somebody did not go all in. Just
chill out, girl.”

Some of you guys get so wrapped up emotionally in the things that other people are doing or
not doing, don’t you? Sometimes we lose sight of what’s important, what’s most important.

What do ou do to survive and keep motivated? Your comments are welcome.

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