Newbie Money and Leads all in One

The basic idea is he offered a software at Warrior Special Offer (aka WSO) and 100 marketers took up the offer. After some time, he offered a blow out sale (basically a software bundle) to these 100 marketers in his list and made $3311.40 in less than 24 hours.

Review WPExit WordPress Plugin Automatic Backlinks

Brand New WordPress Exit Plugin Turns Visitors To Backlinks! Did you already hear about the brand new plugin that Ken Sar and Ken Reno have just released and that gets you more backlinks and traffic you ever thought of? WP Exit is a wordpress plugin that will reward your visitors with your product in exchange […]

Heard about Giveaway of the Day?

Giveaway of the Day is free and gives away a new piece of software every day. You don’t need to buy anything or even sign up to a list – just download the software and it is yours to keep.