The 3 Essentials To Start an Online Business

Starting an online business seems sometimes difficult and overwhelming.


Because there are hundreds of millions on information tools and tutorials available. Just Google “online business” and see how many are showing up (at the time of writing:  1.820.000.000 results in 0,72 seconds).

Therefore you need some kind of help!

Imagine you are packing for a short trip to visit a a friend. You need a travel bag or suitcase, and the essentials such as shoes, clothes, money, credit card, ticket, etc. In your head you have a kind of checklist already most of the time, something like this…

To get you moving forward online, it’s just about the same!

1. Starting small is OK

That means start with a short trip, learn how to travel best and safely, then expand to the next, bigger trip, etc. Therefore take one step after the other, learn from doing and do not get distracted by too many other programs, tasks and the usual time killers like TV.  Reserve at least 2 hours a day at y comfortable and quiet place to digg inside your learning stuff.

2. Do not try to get it done alone

Use online platforms or your travel agent to plan the trip and get the necessary tickets. The same for building your online venture: Reach out and make friends online, in particular, people with different skills than you. Participate in online groups to learn from others. Build your network in your niche as it will be a KEY to your online success.

3. Follow your Plan

Do not let procrastination and frustration come over you. Write down a 3-5 point plan what you will do next, then do the same for where you want to be in 3 month from now. Again the same what you want to achieve within a year. Then stick to it – DAILY! Be very specific about what you’re trying to achieve. Goals are fine, but THE PLAN  is your road map to the treasure.

Once you have laid out your ESSENTIALS and your PLAN, get into the learning. Look for a Coach to help you concentrate on the most important stuff and how to do i the right way.

Here is my recommendation for your Personal Coaching!

See also the short 7 min Video for even more information.



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