The Biggest Challenges You Need To Overcome…

Have you ever thought about what your  highest challenges are to over come and become a successful person?

Maybe not as it could create some pain to tackle them?

Or are you curious which 7 challenges I found to be the most common?

OK, here they are:


Yes, it’s just a number.. not even a limitation. That means you can do whatever you want and at which age you are, no limits. But: free your head and accept it!

What others think

Always looking left and right what others do and might think of you and your activities is nonsense and just a waste of time! Be what you are, do what you want, just do not compare but go your way…

Toxic people

Looking from outside – you are representing the average of the closest 5 people you spend the most time with. That’s how others see you! Therefore choose wisely with whom you engage. Also chose people who are above your level – You can learn a lot of positive things.  and Yes, it is YOUR personal choice who you spend time with. Use it!


Try your best to ignore your fear. It’s just a lingering emotion fueled by your imagination. Fear is not a good companion so let it go. Concentrate on real dangers and tackle them.


Negative self-talk and negativity from others just poisons your mind and keeps you from ever realizing your goals and dreams. Don’t let stop you, go  your way, mingle with positive thinking people, write down your dreams and get to work on them – the harder the better!

The past

First: Your past does not have to equal your future! Learn from your past failures and take out the positive elements. Then change what did not work and move forward. The next failure? Same procedure – rinse and repeat the positive elements.

Media influence

Do not let you to drag down from media (also social media!). It just spreads fear. Avoid anything you cannot control yourself and do not try to just “keeping up with current world events” at any price. Better focus on your own creating your own positive reality.

Finally – SMILE every day!

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