The Deep Structure of Meaning

…Or how to discover the True Power of Your Words.


Use the power that you have inside to make a big decision to succeed in what you really want!

Start to dream of a better and more powerful future and imagine what you want to reach within a set time frame. 

But there need to be some deep explanations first. Dave Wood gives the following interpretation of “ surface structure ” and “ deep structure ”. 

I quote Dave below: 

 Surface structure is the audible, written and grammatical structure of language. What youhear that resonates a series of meanings across everyone that is understandable to everyone who is fluent in that language and understands those particular words.

Deep structure is different , however… and just like as an iceberg has an unseen layer beneath the surface of the ocean–so is the deep structure of every human being. Only in this case the tip of the iceberg is the same… yet the underlying structure to each of them is different, powerful, and beautiful.

What does that mean?

Well there’s a useful saying coined by Alfred Korzybski and often repeated by practitioners of Neuro Linguistics Programming that says: “The Map is NOT the Territory” — which means simply: What you see in your own mind and heart is not reality, it is simply an internal map of it formed by your own neural connections, memories, values, beliefs–and desires.

Meaning you’re not actually seeing this video of The Daily Shortcut or reading this PDF–you’re  seeing your brain’s interpretation of it. And the beautiful thing is that everyone who sees the artistry of this video is going to perceive it differently in their own beautiful way–and everyone who watches this just like you is making powerful decisions that are different from the same words, sounds, and images on the screen. And everyone is paying attention to different things–just like you.”


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