The Downside of Shared Web Hosting

A stable, well managed website is the goal that most site owners have for their work. When it comes to hosting their sites though, the one factor that overrides everything else is that of cost. Not everybody has sufficient funding in place to pay for not only a web design team, but proper hosting as well.

It is for this cost consideration that the majority of website owner’s sign up for shared web hosting instead of dedicated. When compared to free web hosting, shared web hosting is a great alternative, while still being fairly cheap. But for this very reason, shared web hosting also has a lot of disadvantages to contend with. And some of these could affect the future growth of your site. A couple of these disadvantages are outlined below.

Reliability is a huge issue to take on board. Shared web hosting services are not always deemed to be very reliable. The reason is because there are so many websites being hosted on the same server, probably hundreds, and that are all sharing the one server’s resources. It is this sharing of the resources that causes the main reliability problems.

You also have to think about issues with upgrading. As you will have to pay the extra money to upgrade, whether it’s from free to shared, or shared to dedicated, can you be guaranteed the service will be that of what you are paying for? What guarantees do you have?

There could also be issues with the number of add-on domains a particular shared web host offers you. This is not to say all shared web hosts don’t deliver on what they offer, but some struggle to give you even a percentage of the add-on domains they promise. You will also find that technical support can cause some problems for certain hosts. Or rather, lack of proper technical support. Most web hosts have a good tech support in place, but then again some don’t.

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