The Hidden Dangers In Your Bathroom

Are There Really Hidden Dangers In Your Bathroom?

When you think of spring cleaning, you might not think of your cosmetics bag or medicine cabinet, but these are things you do not want to miss.

Bacteria can easily grow in your cosmetics and taking medication that is past its expiration date can not only be ineffective, but can also cause illness. The following are some tips on cleaning these often forgotten areas:

Take the box or boxes with all of the medicines and toiletries and begin sorting through things. Grab a notebook to make a list of anything that needs replacing in the medicine cabinet.

Throw away medicines, vitamins, and supplements that are past the expiration date, as these can be potentially dangerous if taken. Remember that sun block expires within a year, too, so check the dates on your bottle and replace if necessary.

Take stock of your first aid kit and write down any supplies that might need replenishing, such as Band-Aids, peroxide, alcohol, and the like. Don’t forget to stock up on other health products that you keep on hand, such as pain relievers, antacids, and vitamins.

Go through your makeup supply and throw away anything that you do not use or that is almost used up. Think about how long you have had products and rid yourself of ones that have been around too long. Keeping makeup longer than recommended can cause problems, as it can harbor bacteria.

• For powder-type makeup, including blush and eye shadow,
  and lip products, two years is the maximum it should be used.

• Liquids, creams and nail polishes are usually good for a year to
  eighteen months.

• Liquid eyeliners and mascaras should be replaced every six months.

Look at your collection of creams, lotions, soaps, perfumes, and other toiletries, as well. If they are half gone and rarely used, losing their scent, or have changed texture, it is time to throw them away. Even things that are unopened that won’t be used should be given away or thrown in the trash. Once everything is sorted through and cleaned out, it can be put back in the cabinet, where it belongs.

If you use the area under the sink for storage, make sure that you are using containers to keep all of your products organized. This will make things easier to find and will prevent everything from rolling out when you open the cabinet door.

Now that all of the old things have been thrown away, the real fun can begin! Now it’s time to pick up new cosmetics in the latest spring trend colors!

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