The Magic of Keeping It Simple


Adjust your routine to improve your day!

This is the headline of an interview Jon and Natasha Ochs recently gave at an Empower Network member meeting.

Jon and Natasha were very successful in their jobs and had their own business in real estate. Until the financial crisis hit them badly, and they lost just everything they both had build up for many years.


Out of a sudden, Jon and Natasha had to think about how to nourish their family and pay for the dept they needed to pay back due to dropping asset prices and other circumstances. Finally, Natasha found a job (after being self employed for years!) and this was very hard for her. For Jon it was even more difficult and he started to search online for solutions.

After more than a year, he finally found a way to earn a substantial income online by following the advice of a mentor he had met online. Today, Jon is a 6 figure earner and a great leader in this market.

Go and see this full, very profound, honest and emotional interview story.

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