The New Issue of my Newsletter is Live!

Writing my newest issue of my Newsletter was a pleasant Sunday work which I finished after visiting the wonderful Christmas Bazar we have here in our town right now. There were many nice gift ideas, hot wine and other delicious things to enjoy. 

So here is this issue of “The Educational Martin Bigler Newsletter” which you can directly download as PDF-file by clicking the link above. 

The Themes covered are


1) Follow Up Last Issue

2) How to Prepare, Write and Market Your Ebook – PART ONE

3) What is RSS?

4) Today’s Article Writing Tip no 6

5) Recommended Resources

6) Past Issues and How to Subscribe


I hope to find your interest and would very much appreciate your comments or hints on what to write in the coming issues, in order to give you even better information, assistance and resources. Thanks a lot.