The Secrets of Speeding up Your Computer

Anyone running a Windows driven PC notices their PC slowing down over time. Over the time many lost strings and other extras have been silently stored on your hard disc in the background and there is nothing worse than a slow computer, the user waiting for programs to open, killing annoying pop-ups and unwanted agents.

If you work with high density graphics or as me, with many open and acive windows on two screens, a fast reacting computer is really essential. But what, when your fast machine gets slower and slower over time and the defrag rund does not bring any better result? 

Another problem is spyware, those unwanted, malicious programs some sites downlaod automatically to your computer whithout your knowledge. One day you come to the conclusion, that everything you tried was not effective enough and you need a high paid computer expert to help you further. Even worse you might consider to buy a new PC to get rid of the problem.

Fortunately, this is not necessary. There is an effective and cheaper way which allows you to speed up your computer and keep it running smoothly and consistently again. Nathan Segal is a senoir expert in these matters and he wrote an eBook on

        How To Speed Up Your Computer: In 30 Minutes Or Less

In this eBook Nathan pulled together the best tips and optimization techniques he could find and has used over several years with success. He compiled them together into one resource that will help anyone speed up their computer.  Very important: most of these techniques are FREE and are easy to do.

This book will save you many hours of frustration and will allow you to become productive quickly again. And here is what’s inside:

  • Most of these techniques are FREE and are easy to do
  • 30 minutes (or less) to get results, some even in less than 5 minutes
  • Step by step tutorials (in print and video) show you how it’s done
  • 40 minutes of video tutorials
  • Page 39 tells you how to avoid a common mistake that can blow out your…
  • Many of these techniques can be automated, i.e. ‘Set It And Forget It!’
  • Works with Windows XP and Vista
  • Which type of Flash drives give you a speed boost with Vista
  • Your computer will boot faster, run faster and shut down faster
  • Get access to the one registry editor experts recommend – FREE!

This book walks you step by step through the process of speeding up your computer. It’s like having your own personal technician at your disposal. I followed the simple instructions in this chapter and improved my PC’s performance dramatically. I bet you will too.