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Everybody is talking about social networking in these days, and you have probably also heard about it already.

But what does it mean and what can it be used for? Can you too profit from this?

A social networking site is basically a place on the internet where people gather together and share thoughts, happenings, pictures, videos, etc. The most popular examples of social networking sites are Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

What many people don’t know however, is that you can use these sites to generate an income, often not directly from the site itself but through using them to promote another site or product.

So for example, if you want to promote a book you wrote called “How to get rid of 20 pounds in 2 months”.

What you could do is create a Facebook account under your own name.

Next, you would post pictures of yourself and link videos to your page demonstrating some of the exercises in the book. You also want to include a link to your sales page with each post so that if the viewers like what they see they can go ahead and purchase your product.

Finally, you can start inviting people on Facebook to join your group.

It’s amazing how quickly you can develop a following of several thousand people. If you can convert even a small percentage of those followers to sales ,you can imagine how quickly you can start generating a steady income.

And this was just one single example. Imagine what comes out if you invest some of your best time to multiply these efforts and promotions?

This is exactly what this 9 part video series will show you and guide you step by step through some of the hottest social networking sites on the internet today.

In each video you will be shown the fastest and easiest way through all of the sites features, and give you guidance as to how you can use it to start generating a steady flow of traffic to your sites.

I personally use many social sites for my own product promotions and it is really worth the effort. To keep on track, I follow my special action plan for about one hour every day – a simple excel sheet where I note my tasks and URL to check/do for every day.

It just works!

This is really one of the easiest and most lucrative way to generate some good sales and to lay the foundation for a more targeted follower community.

Take your chance and try it out!

I recommend also to take a good look at the Article for Newbies Video series as they could help you to write a good promotion for your social networking. Please see the Special VIP-PRICE!

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