The Triumphant Child Program

What is a Triumphant Child?

A triumphant child

– Has an enthusiasm for life and positive outlook whatever their

– Is a persistent and creative problem solver

– Is eager to learn and succeed

– Feels special and knows they are loveable – has good self-esteem
  and has a strong sense of personal and family identity and their
  place in the world

– Is willing to try and willing to risk making mistakes in order
  to learn

– Is caring towards others and is beginning to develop a sense of

– Is motivated to communicate their ideas, feelings and stories in
  a variety of ways

– Has a sense of independence and autonomy

– Is flexible and leaning to cope with stress and change

– Has a developing sense of and respect for boundaries

– What does parenting a triumphant child mean?

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Parenting a triumphant child means

– Creating a loving, positive environment, loving and believing
  in your child, yourself and your family unconditionally.

– Letting your child make mistakes, but supporting them when
  they need help.

– Being caring and empathetic towards your child and others.

– Enjoys and makes the most of their time with their children.

– Fosters their child’s self-esteem by giving them developmentally
  appropriate responsibilities.

– Listen actively and communicate effectively with your child.

– Discipline their children in a way that fosters self-discipline
  and self-esteem.

– Helping children to set realistic goals and have realistic

– Having the wisdom to create developmentally appropriate boundaries

Using this knowledge, “The Triumphant Child” Ebook is a practical guide to raising two, three, and four year olds and it offers expert advice, practical tips and real life parenting stories. The book provides case studies where parents can read about what works and what doesn’t from other parents who have experienced and overcome daily challenges such as routines, aggressive behavior, eating difficulties, sibling rivalry, media’s affect on young children, divorce, economic crisis, fears, anxieties and general child health and development issues.

Written with love and care as its core principle, The Triumphant Child offers a full scope of strategies for positively taking on the challenges and celebrating the successes that children present to parents each day.