The Ultimate High Paying Adsense Alternative

Display Your Own High Paying Ads On Your Website

*  How would you like to have the power to rotate targeted ads on
   any web page you have?

*  How would you like those ads to be your ads worded the way you
   want and promoting the products you want to promote.

*  How would you like to be able to specify which ads are displayed
   and which products to promote and save those ads for future use?

*  How would you like to make hundreds or thousands of dollars a month
   with these Adsense style ads. Hey, they don’t call it “ad cents” for

*  Why settle for pennies per click when one sale through your Ad Box
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All Ad Box Professional links are hidden in a Javascript code and point to a file on your website, not someone else’s. No other product on the market compares to Ad Box Professional. This software is professionally written and comes with simple instructions to get you up and running in ten minutes or less. 

A few of the Benefits of Ad Box Professional

  • You own the complete software package and scripts
  • You host the data with no MySQL required
  • You can import and export ads for bulk editing
  • You edit or add ads offline  with a CSV file
  • You create the ads and paste the code in your pages
  • Your links are masked to prevent commission theft
  • Your links are not displayed in the webpage source
  • You can earn commission for Ad Box Pro referrals

Only with Ad Box Professional

Ad Box Pro lets you create your own ads in your own words for any product or affiliate program that you promote.