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This is interesting: one of the most discussed topics time and time again is Keyword Research.

It is so important, and yet so many people just don’t do it. I think its something people think is tedious, unglamorous and perhaps just downright scientific. It therefore gets put on the back-burner. But the consequences are huge! Of all the reasons why people fail with Internet Marketing, keyword research is the most significant. And because 99% of people don’t do it well, it provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who does.

Just remember this, whatever niche you’re working in – even if its Internet Marketing – you must have a blog (preferably WordPress) and you must do keyword research so you can populate your blog with heat-seeking posts to draw a constant stream of free search engine traffic.

So I thought to help you get rid of these obstacles and I want to recommend you today this brilliant keyword research software tool, released recently by Fabian Lim. I have tried out several keyword tools, free and paid.  But this one is by far the most effective, and easiest to use that I have found right now.

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Do take some time to do your keyword research well and you will get your ranking up fairly quick in your niche. Keyword research is one of the most vital elements in growing your online business. My tips:

1. Do a thorough brainstorming on your target market
This is more than just picking a few words and phrases and then put them into your website mata tags, etc. You need to put the shoes of your customers on and adapt their thinking. Also consider the age, habits, preferences and other things that could be important to them. Try to creep into their personality and find out what their brain might be reflecting on several (keyword) impulses.

Think about just ordinary faults like often misspelled words, no proper language or writing skills, form of data they might insert into the search box for example. Compare to how you are doing the same thing as a more or less experienced marketer. Then mix everything together. But just note what you get out of your brain. List of twenty or thirty of the best ones – more if you can. Do not think about long and short tale right now.

2. Use Google’s free Keyword Tool to expand your list further
Take your list (best make an Excel or Notepad document) , open the free Google keyword tool and enter the keywords one by one to get Google’s list of related keywords. Once you find more relevant keywords, expand your list. In a separate list, and with the base keyword as the header, make a list of all the keywords in the additional keywords to be considered column. This is found underneath the list of Related Keywords.

The reason why you should use Google’s free keyword tool is because Google controls the indexing of web pages.  Wordtracker doesn’t and is therefore not so accurate. Wordtracker is a great tool too, but I still prefer Google to start  and then I use Fabian Lim’s excellent Keyword Research PRO Software, which is based on Google and Wordtracker too.

3. Store your keyword list safely together with your niche product
Maybe you also want to share these keywords with others, for example when you are outsourcing writing, video or MP3 tasks. So they have access at any time and you probably get your ordered product delivered faster.

4. Set up your stream of content
Now that you have the keywords which you know will draw traffic you can use them in several ways. But in my opinion getting organic traffic without having to pay for it is far the best option. However there are some rules to follow: you must get a consistent stream of good content on your site, always with a main keyword in the title of the article and between 3% and 7% keyword density of other related keywords in the body text. Also make several different articles and use another mix of keywords for each one.

Install the free WordPress “All In One SEO” plug-in to your blog and this will start to pulling traffic overnight to your WordPress blog. Go directly to the WordPress Plug-in Download site here…

Conclusion: keywords on your site are only any good if your site is being seen and indexed regularly by the search engines. It can take a while for a new domain to be indexed by google however. You can speed up that process by searching for your site with the chosen keywords and also by supplying the URL to several search engine directories. Do this about once every two weeks and later once every month and you will see your traffic grow fast.

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