Thrifty Living or How to be Thrifty

Thrifty Shopping is great for a Tight Budget

Could you use extra money each month? Are you tired of spending sleepless nights worrying about financial problems? Would you like to create a budget but just don’t know where to start? Do you think it’s too hard to live on a budget?

If all or some of these questions and statements apply to you, then I can almost fro certain give you a great and positive answer. The eBook I recently found while looking for some great bargain ideas fro myself is exactly covering these topics. It’s called “Thrifty Living”, written by Janet Pearson. From personal experience and learning from others, Janet has compiled a comprehensive e-book that offers lots of money saving ideas and simple budget tips.

If you follow these frugal ideas, you will have peace of mind that comes from saving more, paying off debt and controlling your spending. This easy to understand and comprehensive manual contains over 200 money saving tips. These are just a few things you will find inside:

–  30 ways to drastically cut your grocery expenses, you may be
    surprised what you read here!

–  24 money savings tips for saving on utilities. One easy change
   can save over $70 a year on your electric or gas bill.

–  16 recipes for economical homemade cleaning products. Why pay for
    over priced name brand products when you can make your own from
    items you probably already have?!

–  15 tips to living within your budget. It’s really not as difficult
    as you may think!

–  13 ways to save money on your cellular phone service. You need to
    know these important tips!

–  I will show you 20 ways to save on birthdays and 10 ways to save on
    Christmas cost. I have also thrown in –  6 easy savings tips for
    holiday decorations. You will be surprised how easy they are to do!

–  How to save at least $60 a month by making one easy change to your
    daily routine. This is a must to know!

–  And much, much more!

This Book Is A Road-map To Living Within Your Means!

It is written in an easy to follow format and after applying these proven techniques, you will be a smart shopper, comfortably setting up your budget. Most of us overspend and we only note too late that things just get more expensive every day. “Thrifty Living” makes you aware of the fact that living on a budget and being frugal are old-fashioned ideas that we need to implement again in our lives today.

Do not think that living on a budget will mean living without the favoured things you really want to have. No! This book will show you that you can still buy what you want, however you just need to plan ahead for it and then follwo your plan.

Budget living is not living cheap, but it’s all about stretching your dollar and how much of your hard earned money you can keep month after month. This is actually for everyone. So why not start today?