Time Management

For me Time Management is absolutely essential. Since I am so too often getting distracted, I had to implement my own system to keep me on track of the important things I want or need to do. Finally, a day has only 24 hours. Therefore tasks and goals should be selected wisely.

Yes, family first, then some relaxing time for mind and body and thereafter – immediately – take the note pad with your Priority Tasks for growing your Internet Marketing Business! What is last? TV, reading newspaper, sleeping in the afternoon or early evening…, you get the picture. About reading: I read my eBooks or physical books every night in bed for 20 minutes (exactly) before sleeping. That is totally relaxing for me. Just find out your best time and do it every day.

Most important on Time Management is to stay focussed on your tasks . Make a schedule for everything you must do or definitively want to do today and tomorrow. Set reasonable goals to each task and also add a time frame. Prioritise them and it is a MUST to get the 3 top ones done today. Keep your list updated during the day. Every evening put the next tasks on it for tomorrow. What not has been done moves to the top (no cheating!). Only in this way you get also things you do not like so much moved from the list. This frees your mind, try it.

Do not let you go and change the order of your schedule – never! Take action, take decisions, be critical and, most important, remain in a positive mood. Do not mourn, just do it. If you maintain a good balance in your every day planning, you will feel much better within a short time. You will be astonished how much more you can positively do in a so much shorter time as before. Stick to your daily list and schedules, it gets to routine and lets you feel better, for sure.

Doing this, you will eliminate stress, fatigue. You will soon feel more fit and healthy. The time you won back can be used for a wonderful walk along the river, a nice dinner with the family of some other things you always wanted to do but did not find the time for. And finally, you will be noticed by others as a much nicer and more positive person, your relationship at home and in business will change positively too.

Conclusion: Time Management helps you to prioritise, getting things done, avoid wasting time on unimportant things (!), take care of the most important projects, appointments, deadlines and it will reduce your workload in general. And finally, look for your top creative time and mental phases. Do the most demanding jobs within these creative phases, safe less demanding work for you lower bio rhythm.

That’s how it works, enjoy planning your Time Management!