Tips on Using the Right Article Directories

Which article directories should you use and which are the best? The answer: It depends on the kind of article you’re passing and the type of written work you’re writing about. The line is drawn in between for the simple reason that there are article submission sites that focus on poetry and literary works, while some are pureley business-related, like newbie marketing. You will also find your business articles completely ignored on other sites and your poetry works on a particular site inclined towards a specific genre.

Article directories have been one of the greatest venues for writers to gather scattered and countless information and thoughts into one vehicle worthy of your ideas. While it is of great advantage to submit from a directory to another, here are some significant points to look at prior to submitting your treasured works to article submission sites. Read on.

The stability and longevity of an article directory

Specifically, you want to deal with an article directory that is still up and running for a period of 5 years or more. This gives you the confidence that this particular article submission hub will give you the kind of traffic you want for your articles. One more thing, you need to check site reports stating if any of the URLs in a particular directory is delivering direct web traffic to your site or what they call as referrers. Always remember that directories that only existed for months may less likely give you the traffic you desire. Hence, it is still best to go for a trusted article directory that is in operation for years.

The popularity of the site

In line with the first and major consideration, online popularity and visibility is of the essence. The popularity of an article directory is considered a proprietary measure that most major search engines use as a basis of providing highest page rank. If an article submission site has a page rank of 5 or 6, you’ll be assured that you have an excellent one to help you boost traffic and links as well.

The legitimacy and authenticity of the article directory

There are various ways to unearth article directories’ legality. Once you’ve submitted your articles to these submission sites, these directories should get back to you within 24-48 hours upon submission through electronic mail. If you have cases of bounced messages, then the website is a fraud. Second, there must be a general information or background about the site’s operator; this is a way of making sure that you are dealing with professional people willing to help you in every way possible and doesn’t have the intention of concealing something from you. Finally, legitimate article directories have thousands of authors listed under its site. If a particular directory only has figure lesser than a thousand, it might probably be just testing the waters, and therefore, not a good article submission hub to start with.

In a nutshell

Article directories are considered one of the best sites to expose your written works. Thus, you will need to choose the best submission site in order to generate great numbers of readers to your articles, and visitors to your site in the long run.This is most required especially with SEO. Remember, it is an excellent option to submit an article to a top submission directory, than have your articles placed on some low class, fleeting and fraud directory sites. Make a wise decision today.