Trademark Registration – How and Why to File a Trademark

Filing a trademark is not an simple task. There will be a lot of pros who can actually do filing a trademark request for you, freeing you from the hassle and concerns of the arduous process. The easiest way to get this taken care of would be via the Trademark Electronic Application System, also known as TEAS. TEAS requests are usually reviewed more quickly and the charge will not be so excessive.

Trademarks show symbols, words, and pictures which describe a company. The trademarks are registered through the US Patent and Trademark Office and their rights go to the owner. Today, trademark register are getting more and more popular as people appear to acknowledge the importance of brand registration to keep people from stealing as well as using comparable images and marks. Copying, regardless of the method, is among the ugly worries in the business environment.

If you would like to fill out the pertinent application, you must go to the USPTO Internet site and find the area that delivers you to the online requests. The process will be very simple not to mention trouble free. You’ll be asked to illustrate the marks and list the effective date in which your business started utilizing the particular brand. You will also want to select a classification of your trademark followed with choosing the genre which is applicable to your business then select the one which suits your business best.

You’ll need to provide a real picture and information regarding the use of your branded item. The cost of trade mark application will be $325. As you might imagine, not all brands will be approved. Once you submit the application, it’ll be reviewed for acceptance.

If it’s really qualified, it will be posted in the Official Gazette area on the website, allowing citizens as well as entrepreneurs to object on the marks. If no protests are filed, then the procedure will be finished in about a year’s time. Therefore, you must be willing to wait. Should you not get any news no later than a year’s time, you might want to contact the USPTO or a brand attorney.