Use Word Of Mouth Publicity To Buzz Your Brand

Word of mouth publicity is the best kind of publicity there is, it’s free. Generating word of mouth publicity is another prospect altogether. With the amount of competition in every field today, simply offering a great product at a respectable price point is no longer enough.

Consumers today are much more sophisticated than as little as 2 years ago.  With the advent of shopping comparison sites, consumer review sites and channels, social networking and review sites allowing everyone who can type on a computer the ability to put forward their opinions on all subjects that they decide to, it’s obvious that good PR is needed to come across as that product or service that stands out. To achieve these results, there are methods out there that work brilliantly.

1.Having an offering which includes additional bonus items, such as a new product or innovations will really gain attention and positive feedback, as it fosters a appreciation in the consumer that they have received more than they originally thought, which then influences them to give positive feedback on your original offering.

2.Give your clients service that exceeds expectations and always note their comments or feedback. When dealing with consumers it’s always paramount to keep them happy, especially  in light of the way that online commentary influences the purchasing decisions of others. Address needs as they arise, and rectify publicly pointed out problems with your product or service as soon as possible.

3.Create a “buzz” about your product by introducing your own commentary from a recognizable source or public figure, which will draw attention to your product and increase product sales. This too will get your word of mouth publicity, and make sure ahead of time that the necessary outlets are aware of your upcoming known figure’s participation.

4.  Talk about your product yourself, anywhere and everywhere you can. Ensure that this is reported for you, or ensure that it’s posted to all relevant media outlets that you would want it reported in. Always try to join in on any discussions that relate to your industry, to prove your expertise and knowledge so that when your name or company name comes up in the future, you will be recognized and respected.

With all this, you are taking great measures to achieve effective word of mouth publicity you need to have your product or service spoken about by those who can be influenced, and those who can exert an influence. As with other types of attention-getting methods, this will itself launch into sales of your product which will then in turn generate more interest for your product and create further proof of its effectiveness as a means to generating more sales.