Website Design Course Online: Training Class

Designing a website involves more than slapping some HTML tags onto a page and the basic principals of design are the same for print design or website design. The elements of good design also apply, whether you are interested in graphic design services or fashion design, and these basics will guide you in laying out the different elements in an effective, eye-pleasing way.

It takes more than a handful of HTML tags added to a page to complete a website design. That is where the principals and elements of design, from print design to brochure design, come in; once you learn how to use the elements in order to design an eye-catching site, you will have the skills necessary to become a great designer.

Lines help delineate spaces around elements on a web page and can be vertical or horizontal, and the line work increases the understanding of the design. They can be used as borders around elements, dividing lines between elements, contours around elements and decoration in website design. One of the most versatile elements is shape; they can make up any enclosed area in the design. Most of the shapes you see on web pages are rectangular or square, but you can use images, lines, color etc. to create other shapes.

Shape is a major element in design, and normally you see square or rectangular used on a web page, but you can create many different contours to avoid monotony. A unique website design can be created using lines and line work as well. Lines are used to help delineate spaces around elements, are used as dividing lines between text and as decoration. They also tend to increase the readability of a design.

The other major elements of a design are texture, color and direction; all used in graphic design as well. Texture on web pages is visual, but you can use artificial or natural textures to create an effect in your design. Color is the design element that a web designer is most aware of, but color is not a requirement of any design. Most often, it is best to create the designs without color and add it later. Direction gives your designs a sense of motion across the page. The better sites will lead you through the design so that you see what the designer wants you to see. Of course, it is always a good idea to sketch the design on paper first and then transfer it to the web design software.

All of your design work starts with a blank page no matter what type of design you prefer or use. When you look at the page, do you just start placing elements and putting them around the page randomly or do you work like most good designers and actually think about the placement of the tables, graphics, text and nav bar in your website design? The actual placement of the elements is a huge part of creating the perfect web page.

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If you plan to be a good designer, then when you see that blank web page do not just throw random images or graphics on it and hope for the best. A good website design is well thought out, long before any actual additions to the pages are made. This enables you to see how well everything you have in mind will blend together, in order to create a great, user friendly, interactive website.