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Traffic Exchange List is a free tool offered by Tim Linden. Over 100 Traffic Exchanges are ranked every week according to their Alexa position. A typical weekly report will show you for example the tracked 4,777,420 hits from 111 exchanges. Only the exchanges with 100 or more hits over a 6 week period are listed. See a snipped of the List Report  here.

The top down list of all the Manual Traffic Exchanges shows you for each Program the

Rank, Ratio, Timer, Commission
Rotators, Chat, Traffic, Alexa

And if you join for free, Traffic Exchange List lets you create this fully customable list of your most favourable Manual Traffic Exchanges, which you can integrate into your websites, ads or any other campaign you like.

Martin Bigler ‘s Top 10 Traffic Exchanges
1. StartXchange
2. Advertising Knowhow
3. HitPulse
4. TS25
5. Hit Safari
6. I Love Hits
7. Web Biz Insider
8. Traffic-Splash
9. MaxTrafficPro
10. Soaring4Traffic