What Happens When You Throw A Boomerang?

How To Build A List and Do It on Auto-Pilot

And the answer is: It comes straight back of course! Now you can send out your very own “Boomerang” and it will come back with a highly targetted mailing list.

How many times have you heard, “The money’s in the list!” It seems impossible to browse an Internet Marketing forum or scan a list of “How To Make Easy Money” articles and ebooks without tripping over that phrase ten times. It happens to be 100% true.

Without a responsive, loyal list, you have no one to directly market to. You already know that, if you just send messages and ads blindly out into virtual space, nothing will happen. You do know that, don’t you?

Your solution to list building involves several steps that you can master and use to start building your own loyal list of customers. When you send emails out, marketing one of your products to your list, quite a few will buy that product. Over time, as more and more learn to trust your credibility, the ones who actually click the Buy Now button will grow.

To start with, you need two different things: #1…Know who your target market is and #2…Know how you are going to capture their email addresses. You can identify your target market by using search engines and keyword tracking tools. You can capture your customer’s email addresses by building an opt-in landing page, commonly called a squeeze page by today’s marketers.

Your goal with those two tasks described above is to drive tons of traffic to your squeeze page so you can capture that traffic’s email address. One way to do this is to write articles on an a regular basis and submit them to article directories with a link back to your squeeze page . Those articles need to be on subjects your desired target market would want to read. Don’t write articles on making enchiladas when your market is interested in how to make money online.

Blogs are a popular way to grab traffic and keep it. Make your posts fresh and directed at your market, and you will soon have a list of loyal readers you can market to. Your readers will expect fresh content all the time, so keep new articles and information changing all the time on your blog. To explode your list, submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Yuwie, Stumbleupon, My Space, to name a few. You will have to determine which of the many online are suitable for your purposes.

While the tips listed here on how to build a list are not all-inclusive, they are valid and, if followed, will help you build your first list.

The BOOMerang List Builder