What is Twitter?

Do you know what Twitter is all about? 

Social networking, friendship and a nice way to express anything you can think about or just feel you must tell somebody. There is always a friend “listening” (reading) to your thoughts and expressions.

Twitter is a free social networking service in which people can post quick updates on their Twitter site.  Many people take advantage of this because it is a great way to get new friends with the same interests and also to get to know other people and their daily stories, be it private or more busienss like. 

In order to start, you need to sign up for a free account.  It is simple as 1-2-3 and it only takes a few minutes to set up your bio and profile.  To start getting traffic to your new Twitter website, you must start to send messages and information, called “tweets”. 

Tweets are short posts that you send to your account for others to see.  You are only allowed to write your tweets with using a maximum of 140 characters.  Other people, who see and read your tweets, are called followers.  If they are interested in what you have to say, they in turn, will tweet back to you and add you as their friend.

You can tweet on Twitter about different things.  Some of the topics include personal thoughts, sports, advertising, cooking, weight loss, problems and questions you might have, soft business promotion, links to cool sites or freebies – the list goes on and on.  There is no set way as to how you should tweet, just be yourself and naturally. 

However, when you do tweet, it is better when your posts are meaningful, have substance and are beneficial to your followers.  People like to read about things that interest them.  With 140 characters to work with for each tweet, you are hard pressed to send something that will be precise to the point and stir your follower’s interest.

Twitter is also a nice platform marketing and promoting your business, be it your own or affiliate products. However, you must be subtle about it as you don’t want to start out promoting your business as soon as you sign up for an account and shy away potential friends and maybe customers later on.  

Your motives will be easily discovered by your buddiesand if they feel uncomfortable, they will block you very soon. It’s better if you establish a friendly relationship with your followers first and only  then start slow to  promote your business.  They will appreciate that and certainly follow your tweets with much more interest. Never spam nor take advantage of the situation. Behave like a friend and as a leader.

Twitter is really a great and useful tool for networking and cultivating relationships.  People like it because they are able to connect with others in ways that they may not be able to do otherwise.  There are practically no barriers and even the languages to not count that much.

You will be able to make connections all around the world by continuing to tweet posts regularly. Twitter has become the new way of effectively communicating through social networking and it is way better than chatting.

Once you have opened your free account, I kindly invite you to follow my tweets on Twitter here. And if you see some friends of mie whith the same interests as you have, do not hesitate to add them too.

There are several tools which help to gather more friends within a short time. Just put in your twitter name and password (it is really safe) and you will see your followers flock in. To start with, these are my favoured recommendations:

* TwitterBot – Management Tool (free and paid version)

* Get More Followers – Viral Link and Re-Tweet

* Viral Tweets – Viral Program, see Video

* Viral Followers – Viral Link builds your Twitter follower list