What was the last thing you did?

Many of the emails or blog posts I send out focus on trying to begin a conversation between you and me. Not a conversation to sell you something first hand, but to truly find out about you – what you are looking for and if I can help in any way AFTER I know about you.

So here’s the scoop – I get it!

I’ve been there!

Thank God I finally broke out of my shell and befriended a few people and started learning everything I could. I know where I’m headed – do you?

Here is what you do – Hit this Link – and simply answer a couple really quick questions and let’s have the beginning of a conversation.

1. Are you dreaming of earning extra income or possibly replacing a current income?

2.  a. What was the last program you joined?
b. Were you successful?
c. Did you give 100% of yourself to making it work?

3. What is your ideal solution to earning more income?

That’s it – let’s begin talking and learning how we can help each other.

Thanks and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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