Why Fish Don’t Get Parachutes

Imagine for a moment what is going through the heads of the fish that plummet 200 feet from a low-flying airplane into the now-stocked Alpine Lake.

The fish plummet these 200 feet, flap into the water, and find their new home.

This may absolutely shocking to you, but think about if you were a fish plucked from the comfort of the home and dropped into air that you couldn’t breathe.

What would be going through your mind?


Sometimes, we don’t truly appreciate what we have until it’s taken from us.

Recall a time you didn’t fully appreciate something until it was gone, and how it felt.

There is a deep gratitude that comes when we realize how good our life really is, how important some of the absolute fundamentals are, things that we don’t even think about on a daily basis.

I’d like to invite you to pause right now and to consider all of the amazing things that are in your life.

List 5-10 things you are grateful for…


See how You can change your Life to the Best…!



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