Why Social Social Bookmarking Sites are a Delicious Must

Use Delicious and other Bookmarking Sites for Traffic Generation

Social bookmarking is very popular these days and it really is a great place to share excellent websites, content and other information as it is communicative as well as a time saver. I want to show you why it is an absolute must to use social bookmarking sites.

Bookmarking sites are very effective Web 2.0 online places where you can generate fast, effective and highly targeted traffic to your niche website and blogs. It is Delicious which is outstanding and very popular with bloggers and website owners alike. The site has a very interesting approach to content building.

Rather than publish interesting content and getting worried how to always create and deliver more fresh articles, publishers are inviting other users to build, classify and qualify their content. There is a big value in this collaboration for all participants.

With social bookmarking, you can rate and qualify content you find interesting and worthwhile to follow up. Each bookmark of a particular web page is perceived as trustworthy. So the more bookmarks a web page gets, the higher its credibility.

Apart from bookmarking preferred webpage, the users can also tag their favoured sites. Tags are the keywords that relate to the content on the page. By tagging, you can associate the keywords with the content. And now it becomes very interesting: If there are many people using the same tags to bookmark a page, then that particular website will soon be seen as an authority page in its category.

The result: The more bookmarks such a webpage receives from various bookmarking users, the more prominent it will be listed.

Delicious users are allowed to bookmark and tag several pages within the same website. That means you can tag the content with more than one keyword term. As the number of tags by users grows, the visitors will find it much easier to access similar topics of their interest.

It is easy to use:

* You need to create an account for which you then receive
your password and log in name.

* The next step is to verify your email, login and start to bookmark
and tag any website content you find worthwhile recommending
and rating.

* To bookmark a website, you can enter the URL, describe and
tag it, with a descriptive page title and a comment that matches
its contents.

* You can do this also for your own sites and then see what other
people think about it. You get valuable information and feedback
which allows you to fine tune your site for still better ranking.

A major reason to use social bookmarking sites however is, to share useful information between the members. As an active user, you can store your favorite websites or online resources and then make them available to other users online.

This is another reason why many people browse these bookmarking sites to find valuable information fast and easy. And since other users have already given their comments and rating, the information seeker will feel more comfortable and probably chose a highly rated program or product.

You can also use RSS feeds to syndicate user bookmarks or to collect information that has the same or similar tags. Users can syndicate bookmarks created by other RSS users. The really great advantage is the wealth of content generated by members and users over the time.

If you stay active at bookmarking sites about once or twice a week, you can expect to get a lot of traffic and backlinks to your own websites and blogs. There are many other social bookmarking sites and you can find them through the search engines. Just enter the search term “social bookmarking sites” or “bookmarking sites” and they will show up. Check and try out some of them to find what fits to your needs.

There are other social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Sphinn, Furl (Furl recently became Diigo.com) and more…

The point is, if you use these bookmarking sites in the right manner, they can become absolutely huge traffic generators for you. And all that at zero or very low cost. Your investment is some working time and following a daily or weekly strategy.

To sum it up: There are many social bookmarking websites available today and they are a very effective place to generate a massive and targeted Web 2.0 traffic storm to your niche websites and blogs very fast. It is an easy to use online medium and it is free. If you need traffic to explode your online income, this is your place to be.

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