XSitePro Web Design Software Review

Look behind the curtain of XSitePro V2 Website Design Software!

It is a proven fact that a nice looking and well balanced website is your most precious sales tool. There are many free versions which look quite nice and appealing. Such websites are designed and hosted by third parties who will place banners and ads on your site, thus stealing your traffic and sales. For that reason my recommended proposal is

        a)   To be creative yourself and build your own unique website
        b)   Reserve your own domain (your name or a product name), get
              a trusted host and upload your website there.

What are the benefits? You are in total control and this is your first important key to success!

Nothing can stop you to do just anything with your website and your own domain looks much more professional than a subdomain on somebody else’s host. But how do  get all the knowledge, the graphics and other skills to create your website? Also you want to have it fast, easy and without spending too much money. The solution is the XSitePro web design software which offers great value beginners and professionals as well.

This website creation software tool is incredibly powerful, fully equipped and suitable for beginners, affiliate marketers, business owners, Adsense site builders, power users, website designers, educational users, information marketers and many others more.

The XSitePro Version 2 is delivered as an electronic download and you can start your art work within five minutes after your order, using the download link and registration code sent to your mail box. You will need the following System Requirements for an optimal run of XSitePro on you computer: 
–  Windows XP, Vista
–  1GB RAM or greater
–  1 ghz processor or faster
–  300 meg of free hard drive space
–  Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
–  and off course an Internet connection

If you are not sure about what your hard and software features of your computer are, please ask a good friend or a professional person.

The new  V2-release of the XSitePro web design software is completely new designed from the ground up and the XSitePro windows, wizards, tools, and the settings screens all have the same unified sense of purpose: To make it easy for you to do really powerful stuff.

Whether you’re trying to insert audio/video feeds, time-release your page content, set up Siloing (only linking  to other pages on your site and other outside resources that relate to that specific category) on your site, or add a simple subscriber box, XSitePro V2 makes sure you will never be phased by previously-daunting Web site technologies.

Here are some of the main features you can play with:

*  XSitePro V2 lets you create an unlimited number of web sites,
    organised by a Selection Tree to keep them organized for editing 
    and upload in seconds.

*  A Template Selector to preview and select from over 200 designs
    for your web site, add third party templates or create your own
    from scratch.

*  A built-in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) designer makes
    it easy to create great looking pages. No need to to know any
    HTML code.

*  Drop down-style menus, easy selecting the style and colors and
    XSitePro does it all for you.

*  Audio is powerful. Now, you can insert audio with just a few clicks.
    Your audio file will automatically be concerted to an appropriate 
    format and you can choose to have it play automatically or when
    someone clicks on the play button.

*  Video on your site is as easy as 1-2-3. Choose the video and
    format (wmv, mpg, etc), select the size the software will convert
    it into the   appropriate format and add the code to your web page.
*  The Page Layout Screen let’s you customize every aspect of your
    site design from color schemes, to navigation menus, headers,
    footers, information bars, backgrounds, and so much more.

*  RSS Feeds feature for 1,000 RSS and/or custom feeds. All feeds
    can be fully customized so that they blend in perfectly with
    your site layout and all are updated automatically when a person
    visits your site.

*  XSitePro V2 takes building links pages to a whole new level. Gone
    are the days when you had to put up with a one page list of links.
    Now you can create huge multi-page directories with categories,
    sub-categories, automatically generated screenshots, and so
    much more.

*  Add and customize your very own search engine to your site. 
    You can also fine tune the look and feel of the search engine
    results pages so that they blend in perfectly with your site.

*  On-page optimization suggestions, readability statistics and
    detail word count analysis, including an accessibility report.

*  A Website Information tab where you enter all the important
    information relating to your web site, including meta data
    such as keywords and a description and the title of the web
    site. It also shows you up-to-date information relating to
    your web site such as page count, date last modified, file
    count, number of images, etc.

*  Siloing is an incredibly powerful feature designed for XSitePro
    power users. It allows you to create a silo for any section of
    your site in seconds, and will create custom navigation menus
    to maximize SEO benefits. The new version of XSitePro is worth
    the price for this one feature alone.

Please watch the XSitePro Video for a full demonstration and find out for yourself why people have been getting so excited about XSitePro. It’s well worth it!

And here are just some of the exciting XSitePro Features. It’s incredibly easy to use and delivers unprecedented power and control over your Web site. 

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