Your Fully Stocked Software Website Review

How to Manage your own Fully Stocked Software eStore

Graphics is one thing, Software Products another, and if you combine both together, it becomes a very powerful mixture. This is my secret source for excellent graphics including mini websites for a great price and you can check it out here.

But actually I wanted to write about Dave Nicolsons brand new and fully stuffed eStore called “Your Software Website”. Since I am a customer for Dave’s graphics, he offered me to JV with him and right now he allows me to present to my subscribers a Special Limited Time Only 20% Discount Offer for his Software eStore Website. However, I am not sure for how long Dave will let this special link remain open, so you better check it out fast. It’s well worth it, I promise!

Still unsure? Then please read on and see what I can explain still better. 
If you have ever wanted to own your top quality website selling on autopilot day and night and while you sleep, no hassle to set it all up in a matter of minutes and with no HTML knowledge at all, then this Software eStore is exactly the right website for you. And you are really in total control, everything and all easy to manage and put online.
Your Software Website is a fully stocked software and affiliate website that can make you sales on complete Autopilot 24 hours a day. It has been specifically designed to be easy to edit, easy to use and easy to navigate. And there are absolutely loads and loads of ways that this site can make you autopilot income! If you are interested or have ever dreamed of having your own online software storefront, then you should take advantage of this easy , high quality website now.
Look at the summary of some of the main features:

#  You get your our own admin panel so you can simply edit your site with
     a few clicks.

#  You can change your header, sub-heading and footer text by simply adding
     text into a field in your admin panel.

#  You can do basic SEO on your site by simply adding text into a field in
     your admin panel.

#  Your website comes pre-loaded with over 30 software titles that you can

#  Your website comes pre-loaded with over 30 affiliate software links.
#  Your website comes pre-loaded with over 20 website themes that you can
     simply change from your admin panel, with the click of a button.

#  Your website comes pre-loaded with Google AdSense, editable from your
     admin panel.

#  Your website comes pre-loaded with ClickBank Ad Rotator, editable from
     your admin panel.Never heard of CB Ad Rotator? This is much better than
     Adsense. Check for yourself here.
#  All of your links within your site are linked to your ClickBank or your
     PayDotcom ID’s from within your admin panel.

#  Your website comes pre-loaded with an opt-in form, so you can build your
     list, also editable from your admin panel.

#  All of your payments from the site are made to your Paypal account,editable
     from the admin panel.

#  You have the ability to add/remove categories from within your admin.  

#  You have the ability to add/remove/edit new software pages from within
     your admin panel.

#  You have the ability to add/remove/edit many, many more areas from within
     your admin panel.

#  The website and the admin area has been created with super simple,
     controls, so you do not need any special knowledge at all. Everything
     is well explained and easy to set up. See the 20 minutes Video on the
     website here.

As you can see, it is quite extensive and growing all the time. Remember, this is a very limited 20 % discount offer, so take action and start your software business before Dave takes it off and you will have to pay the full price later.