YouTube Videos with Your Affiliate Links

This brand new and incredible video product can help you to increase your affiliate commissions and become a super-affiliate in just a short time.  “Affiliate Video Brander” works with only 3 simple steps:

Step 1 
Type in the URL of the video you wish to brand, and choose the folder where you want to save the files. The program will generate the files in an easy format so you can instantly upload and start profiting from the branded video.
Step 2
Enter your affiliate info so you can earn commissions as a result of showing the video! There are also lots of customizable features so you can make it look how you want it. You can add your own text to the page, choose the color, positioning, etc. You can even enter custom META-tag info for search engine optimization.
Step 3 
Upload the files to your website, and you are done.

And how does it work?
With only a few clicks and in under sixty seconds this powerful new software searches YouTube ™ and will find a video that is relevant to the product you wish to promote. It builds a complete video sales page, completed with your affiliate link, and opt-in form! Then it automatically uploads the created webpage to the web.

Imagine,  you have an affiliate link for a hot new Clickbank product and then…

=> Grab someone else’s video from YouTube ™.

=> Brand YOUR affiliate link to that video.

=> Turn that video into a squeeze page and load it to the web.

Now, your web page is ready to be indexed by Google. This creates natural traffic and will drive still more traffic to that site. Then, anyone who purchases the product or “opts-in” to your squeeze page will become your subscriber and customer. 

So why not start to make your own experimets with “Affiliate Video Brander” right now?